I'm A Nurse!!!!!!!!

  1. Just got home and checked on the computer- I passed my boards!
    I started in the ER yesterday and love it so far.
    Wow, is this the best feeling or what?
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  3. by   Cardiolo
    CONGRATULATIONS JANINE3&5, RN!!!!! Best wishes with your new career in the ER!!!!!
  4. by   Brown Suga
    Kudos to you! Good luck on your future endeavors with the ER.
  5. by   hoolahan
    Yipeeeeee!!! Congratulations!
  6. by   kaycee
    Great job, congratulations!!! Now you can join us on the ER threads. Been doing ER for 19yrs and still lovin it. You will too
  7. by   grnvillechick
    I am so happy for you !!!! Do one thing for me though, at the beginning of your career you are full of fire...ready to take on the world...and ER is the right place to be for sure!!! But start a scrapbook...place in it at the start a printed version of your on line board letter..a picture of your pinning..your thoughts at this very special time....and as the years fly by--and believe me they will--place in it all the thank you cards and letters and awards and letters of jobs well done and certificates of workshops taken.And every now and then a picture of you at work. And when the time comes that you question WHY you ever became a nurse...or on the days you just come home and cry your eyes out over a hard day...look thru this book...it will give you the perspective you need to avoid burn out. That and never staying in one place all the time...once you feel comfy in the ER--float to the units, or to the floors.see what happens in the aftermath of ER ...it is a big world, this world of nursing. I have been in it 10 years..and though some bumps along the way have made me cry ( like the first pt you really bond with dies)..I wouldn't do anyhting else. I learn something new everyday...if only about myself!! Best of luck to you...and remember....we are here anytime you need to vent!!!!!!
  8. by   misti_z
    I found out yesterday that I passed my boards too!!
    I've been working at a hospital in Chatt, Tn since Feb on the renal transplant unit and it just keeps getting better!
  9. by   Jenny P
    CONGRATULATIONS to both you, Janine and also to Misti-Z!!!!! Welcome abouard to one of the greatest jobs there is!!! Grnvillechick, that is a wonderful idea. I wish someone would have told me that when I started out 32 years ago! Don't forget to put your pay stubs in there every 1-2 years also, and newspaper articles about nursing if they interest you. (I've just started a scrapbook on the political aspects of nursing this year because of all of the media attention and it is quite fasinating.)
    Anyway, I wish you both all of the luck in the world and hope you find an area in nursing that makes you excited to go to work every day.
  10. by   BrandyBSN

    I am so happy for you both! I will take the test after i graduate in May 2002, and I am already nervous I do have a question though, you said that you checked on the computer to see if you passed the boards. Where on the computer can you check and see if you passed? THanks!

  11. by   sandigapeachlpn
    i am so proud for you both!!!! i still remember when my results came in the mail. i had my 9yo daughter open it and tell me. i still have the nclex pass letter from ga. when i get down i look at it again. it has the picture that they took on the day i took the boards. and i walked around for days whispering to myself "i'm really a nurse." again, congratulations and welcome.
  12. by   NurseAngie
    What an awesome idea grnvillechick! I have just finished working on keepsake books for my boys, especially with our Italy memories, so they can look back on all the things they've done. I never thought about starting a nursing one for myself. I can't wait to get started! Kudos agan for sharing a great idea.
  13. by   burger914
    Well Done !!! Congratulations to both of you RNs!!!!
  14. by   misti_z
    BrandyBSN--I have my license in Tennessee. The -Tennessee Department of Health- has a website that verifies license, and allow you to check any state. www.state.tn.us/health click on license verification and then enter your name and state. Although your state probably has the same type site, go to your state's website and link to the Dept of health.