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Just a general type of question. Since a lottery is really nothing more than a tax on people who are bad at math, I know I'll never win since playing is the first key. But.... lets say you did... Read More

  1. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Honey, I would quit with no notice!!!! I would call from the lottery headquarters!!!!!!!
    I would build new homes for me, my kids and my sisters, pay off everybody's bills, travel like there's no tomorrow, and build a bookstore. My kids should keep working since they would just live off me forever, and really, twenty-soemthing boys NEED to keep busy. They could work at the family business and life would be good.
    I would still be interested in nursing and the medical field. I might even keep up my licenses. But, I don't see EVER going back to work.
  2. by   CseMgr1
    NO way in......Hadees.

    My poor, tired body has had enough of being dragged out of bed every morning at 4:45 AM and having to make a two-hour commute to do the will of hateful and dishonest employers in order to draw a paycheck.

    No, Siree. The day I win the lottery is the day I quit this business and start taking care of myself and my family.... for good.
  3. by   dream'n
    I would quit in a heartbeat! Travel, read, volunteer, be 'room mother' at my kid's school. I would build my dream home. I'd become a professional student and learn about everything that interested me. Take my kids all over the world to soak up other cultures. I would definitely not ever be bored. And of course I would go first class to Disneyland.
  4. by   jojotoo
    I'd walk away and never look back. There's plenty of productive ways that I can think of to spend my time and money.
  5. by   tgb3rn
    I love what I do, but would be gone....FAST. Everyone would know about your windfall and there would be this BIG sign on you that said SUE ME PLEASE I"M RICH NOW. I am 37 and would have no problem being retired:spin:
  6. by   CseMgr1
    There is a story in my local newspaper today about a man, who despite having won $350,000 in 2004, $1 million last year and $2.5 million this month off scratch-off tickets...continues to work as an oven repairman. :lol_hitti

    Which...is why I continue to buy and play my lottery scratch-off tickets...every day.
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  7. by   Teacher2bCRNA
    if it's several million dollars, i would quit. if it's only 1 million, i would continue working and just retire a bit earlier.

    Quote from sk-222
    just a general type of question. since a lottery is really nothing more than a tax on people who are bad at math, i know i'll never win since playing is the first key.

    but.... lets say you did win big- who/would anyone here want continue nursing on a part time basis? considering with big winnings you could live comfortably, likely live and have the ability to work where you wanted to, except less hours, perhaps a different nursing specialty, etc.

    another thought- would anyone continue on to medical school to pursue an md, do, etc. but haven't due to student loans and other big associated costs.

    lastly, for those who are burned out and only in the field because it's money within your trained area, what would you do to keep busy?
  8. by   RNsRWe
    I guess skimming through this thread it's obvious that nurses are no different from any other working stiffs, LOL!

    I would love to volunteer my time in a few different ways, and being free from a committed work schedule is the only means of doing that.

    Still, I like the thought of being per diem, one or two shifts a months....but like someone's pointed out here, the chance of being sued is probably a whole lot higher, too

    By the way, it'd take more than just "winning" the lottery to make any serious life change....it'd take winning a truckload of big bills once you consider the taxes you'd owe!! Staggering......I'd have to see lots and lots of zeroes before I'd change a single thing in my life
  9. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from TheCommuter
    I would stay employed; however, I would probably change my status from full-time to PRN or per diem.

    DITTO!! But...they would be hard pressed to find me for quite a while, I'd be taking a trip around the world while my dream home is being built.

    Seriously, I would quit my job, Put a couple of million in the bank, give my kids, parents and brothers a million each and then focus on the most appropriate way to give the rest of it away.
  10. by   Agnus
    Knew a nurse couple who did just this.
    They came to work the next day and said they would not quit that nothing had changed. Then
    The following day they called in and quit. They were actually on contract. They bought out their contract.
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  11. by   kukukajoo
    I would get the education I have always wanted and definately do something within nursing to better the world as well as continue to work.

    I would be too afraid to wake up tomorrow and have nothing left, like it was a dream. But if I continue my education and work then I would be well-prepared if that were to happen.
  12. by   nrse4evr
    I think no mater what your choice is, your employer would have to let you go if you won the Lotto because of your liability. The reason nurses don 't get sued is because we don't have enough money to bother with. Why would a lawyer bother with my $2000 savings, my 5yr old car and my mortgaged home? If you won the lottery and suddenly had millions of monies, every pt you ever took care of would suddenly come out of the woodwork to sue you for anything, i'd like to think that I have provided the kind of quality nursing care over the years that would protect me from getting sued, but in the long run money talks and greed is everywhere.
    I'd love to call in rich to my employer but how many of us count most of our friends at work? If you won the lottery although you would gain lots of cash but lose the ability to do what you love,(taking care of people), lose your friends, lose in some ways a sense of purpose. I'd love to win and be the one statistic that proves that you can have money and friends, but I don't know if that's possible
  13. by   kukukajoo
    You could always accept the monies into a trust or trusts to protect your identity. There was a case where 2 ppl won the lottery here a few years ago and accepted it under the "Tastes Great Trust" and the "Less Filling Trust" and we still don't know the identites of the winners.

    If I ever win, I would certainly collect that way so nobody would know. Heck nothing would change about me except peoples perceptions if I won, so why change those too.

    Plus I really would like to think that not everyone is sue happy and out for a buck. I tend to trust people.