If you could invent a pill to fix people, what kind would it be? - page 5

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  1. by   Stephanie D
    I would definitely give people a peace pill. Way to much tension in this world.
  2. by   Cubby
    How about a pill/magic potion to make people be responsible for their actions or lack of.................. :angryfire
  3. by   purplemania
    an anti-bad attitude pill. I am so tired of people confusing smart with smark-aleck.
  4. by   TweetiePieRN
    How about a "get-your-head-out-of-your-ass" pill!! I would gladly pay to help get this one off the ground and running. So many people (even patients) I come in contact with have either: no common sense, an attitude of entitlement, or a generalized bad attitude. This pill would help make the world a much happier, much more civilized place to coexist with others.
  5. by   NurseRatchet26
    I would go with the smart pill, or an anti - Stupid Patch maybe. Theres a fortune to be made in that. You'd never run out of stupid people.
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  6. by   purplesdk
    How about an Anti-Rude pill.

    Instead of Nurses "eating their own"; let's take a quote from the movie Hannabal "EAT THE RUDE". Let's take anti-rude pills, be happy, and get along and help each other.
    We (nurses) are in this profession to help others who are in need. Sometimes the new young nurses need our help instead of us beating them into the ground makining them feel as if they are not worthwhile. We can learn from them and they can learn from the older more experienced nurses.

    "Can't we just all get along?"
  7. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    I like the idea of an anti-rudeness pill. I also like the idea of a pill which stops a patient thinking it's a good idea to pull out their tracheostomy/central line/arterial line/catheter etc
  8. by   vanceswife
    A pill to eliminate the "it is all about me" syndrome. :angryfire
  9. by   smk1
    Quote from vanceswife
    A pill to eliminate the "it is all about me" syndrome. :angryfire
    ooooh i like that pill! I'd also like to make a pill that gets rid of the "oneup manship syndrome" like if i have a bad day i have a friend who immediately interrupts with her day that was ten times worse than mine. or if i have a headache she has a migraine, if im broke and poor she is about to lose the farm... it gets pretty old pretty fast
  10. by   Baby Catcher
    I gotta go with the smart pill. If everyone was smart then they would be able to fix all the problems in the world.
  11. by   danu3
    A small tasty pill that just melts in your mouth. What kind of pill? How about a compassion pill?

  12. by   UM Review RN
    I'd sure like to see a "Teamwork" pill for a couple of our units.
  13. by   Brickman
    Quote from vanceswife
    A pill to eliminate the "it is all about me" syndrome. :angryfire
    But I thought is was all about me