I wrote up a doctor

  1. I went to the ER the other day with CP! The doc didn't even do an assessment on me. Did not listen to my heart/lungs or even look at my feet or feel my stomach or anything! In fact, he didn't even touch me! They did do an EKG and labs, found nothing. Anyways, a few weeks later I pulled up my H&P on the computer and I could not believe what I was reading. The doc charted that he assessed me for all the above. It went on and on and I got madder and madder. It took me a long time to decide to write him up b/c I'm not one to stir up trouble. But after talking to my DON, she kept encouraging me to do it. So I did, and now I am finding out that another person wrote him up for the same thing! I feel better now. I don't know what will happen b/c I just turned the letter in yesterday but I feel good about myself that I finally had the guts to do it! What do you all think?
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  3. by   KaraLea
    Good for you!!!!
  4. by   NurseShell
    Sounds like he deserved it!! Good for you for calling him on it!!

    I almost (chickened out) wrote up an ER doc that did a quick "consult" on my stepdaughter once. She and my hubby were in an accident and they brought her in (she was7 at the time) as a trauma to r/o internal injury from the lap belt. This particular doc is not a favorite of mine to begin with - he comes over does a REALLY minimal abdominal palpation and we got a bill for about $3,000 for his "consult" *****??

    I was so angry I wanted to scream!! Our insurance paid for it, but damn!!

    I've since heard several nurses say "if I am ever in an emergency situation and that dr. is on - let me die" he's THAT bad!!!

    Good for you for writing his sorry butt up!!
  5. by   jemb
    Did you also send a copy of the letter or equivalent to the insurance company that will be paying for his bill? They might be interested -- some call it" fraudulent billing".
  6. by   renerian
    You better believe that is fraudulent billing.........

  7. by   CCL"Babe"
    A couple of years ago I was doing an emergency cath when one of my co-workers double up in pain. Cath over, took her down to the ER (where I had worked for over 10 years before going to the cath lab). The ED was slow when we got there, 4 pts waiting for beds, and two private patients. The took my friend right back gave her a gown and a UA cup, no problems so far. Nurse comes back gets the cup leaves. My friend is in pain but is very stoic, not the kind to make a fuss, but I could tell she was still in significant pain. We wait and wait and wait. I go out and talk with the charge nurse, a friend of mine. Urine pos for blood. Still no Doc. ER now getting busy. 3 hours later no Doc, no nurse back in, despite my going out another time. My freind leaves goes to another ED... Kidney Stones. I report this to the ED nurse manager the next day. (Friend is out of work for a week), She tells me none of my business, but states that there is full assessment by both the nurse and the physician on the ED record. My friend did follow this up with the hospital and insurance company. Unfortunately many of my "friends" in the ED did not speak to me for a long time. The nurse no longer works there. The Doc, he is still slime.
  8. by   Darlene K.
    That sounds like insurance fraud to me.
  9. by   kittyw
    I once saw a H & P that noted nothing remarkable on the eye exam - PERRLA .... What about the glass eye the patient had?
  10. by   RN always
    Originally posted by jemb
    Did you also send a copy of the letter or equivalent to the insurance company that will be paying for his bill? They might be interested -- some call it" fraudulent billing".

    That's interesting. If I send a copy to my insurance, what will they do?
  11. by   fab4fan
    Never fails to amaze me; wonder what problems he's missed on pts. if his assessments are that sloppy?

    BTW, be careful about pulling up info on the computer, even if it is your own. We were told that because of HIPPA you are not allowed to do this (yes, even if it's your info) and that anyone caught doing this would be fired for violating HIPPA (I saw this somewhere else, too, so I don't think my employer was making this one up).

    Maybe the doc will think twice before he writes another "fictional" assessment.
  12. by   bestblondRN
    I've had this happen to me from a professional standpoint--I heard the rumors when I was the new manager of a couple of units, so I came in at 3:30a.m. when this doc started his rounds. I stayed just out of his line of sight while he "rounded" on one unit. "Rounding" consisted of the charge nurse following him around with the chart rack, his standing in the doorway of the patient's room and asking his awake and alert patients, "How are you doing?" He never put a stethescope to anyone's chest, touched a single patient or reviewed a single chart. His famous trick was to do his rounds and then demand that the nurses run the charts over to his office in the next building in batches after he was finished. And IMAGINE.......his charts had a complete assessment documented! He could auscultate lung sounds from the hallway! SUPERDOC!!!!!!!!!

    Imagine the look on his face when I showed up for "rounds" when he arrived on the next unit!!!!! He looked dumbfounded and asked me what in the name of hell I was doing there at that hour. I just smiled and told him that being new in my role, and with him being the primary physician admitter to my units, that I wanted to have the opportunity to make rounds with him. During my brief stay at this hospital, I saw him actually making patients ill and then "curing" them--he'd bring in a well patient for a "physical" but chart that they had chest pain. He'd make them NPO, do a cardiac workup which would be negative, start a full GI workup, load 'em with IV fluids for dehydration, put them into overload, dry them out with Lasix, make them hypokalemic, replace their K+, and discharge them. This was generally a 10-14 day process. He could also schedule and see 50 patients in 3 hours in his clinic--how can that be done?

    I reported him to administration, but it was a good old boys club, and he was the big admitter to this hospital--not to mention "one of da boyz". I got them through a JCAHO survey and then they let me go without notice......there's a surprise, huh? As soon as I left the region, I reported him to Medicare and the State Board--don't know what happened, but hopefully he's no longer practicing medicine. Scary situation to say the least..........
  13. by   RNConnieF
    I once saw an assessment that stated "PP x 4" only problem is that the pt was a double BKA. Not sure exactly where the BLE PP where, guess with the pts legs.
  14. by   hapeewendy
    I almost wrote up a complaint about a nurse, now now now settle down, I wasnt eating one of my own or anything ,
    I was in a full blown asthma attack and she didnt even listen to my lungs , kay fine, audible wheeze you might say, and thats fine ,slap a mask or two or three on me and have at it, but surely *SOME* kind of lung assessment should be done all the while I'm there.. no? I was too sick to really care but after, she was standing around doing her charting and she's documenting that she did a full assessment, including , yep you got it , auscultation!
    she didnt know I was a nurse ,but she did fudge on my record, and I saw it...
    its a shame that ppl , doctors, nurses , whomever, do this kind of thing...