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This is for all R.N. professional nurses out there, I would like to know if u get any days off? and also have vacation time once a year?. I'm a bit confused because all I hear is that Nurses are... Read More

  1. by   K O'Malley
    You will have days off but count on working lots of weekends, Thanksgiving, Christmas EVE and/or Christmas Day. Fortunately I have had a husband with a good job so when the kids were growing up I would work only two or three days a week. Recently, with the nursing shortage so bad I have worked as much as 14 days--many of them 12 hr shifts--without a day off. Another downside is that where I work now vacation times are written in stone as of Jan. of every year. If hubby has an unexpected business engagement come up you are out of luck.
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    it depends on your personal work situation...i refuse to be used up and spit out myself. that is why I work perdiem (prn some places)...i work when i want and on my terms..........the possibilities are endless.....it's up to you. pick your situation and make it work for you. the shortage is too great not to be happy in what you choose....
  3. by   GPatty
    I work 2 days (7p-7a) then am off 2 days. Once a pay period I have three days on and three days off...
    Good Luck to you in whatever you decide!
  4. by   pebbles
    Originally posted by Agnus
    Yes we get days off and vacation. How this works differs from employer to employer.
    Correct. Also varies from location according to local labour laws... we in Canada get 11 "stat" days off (paid) in lieu of statutory holidays as well as a certain amount of vacation time. The amount of vacation time you are given is based on 1) a minimum amount governed by law based on how much you work (prt timers accrue less vacation), and 2) how much time (seniority) you have working in your current job. People who have worked longer get more vacation.

    Also here there are limits as to how much an employer can require you to work... so heinous amounts of mandatory overtime and inhumane work hours are not a problem here.
  5. by   Lisa24
    Thanks everyone for replying to my post. You all gave me alot insight into a very interesting career that I think will suit me. Doesn't sound bad at all vacation/days off. I think its in my heart to become a Nurse, because I like taking care of people when they are in need, and I know this is one of those jobs that will allow me to do that. I have alot of respect for all Nurses out there for all your hard work and your dedication. Its not easy to do what you do. Hopefully someday I will join your team. Thanks again and God bless you all
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  6. by   Teshiee
    It depends. I am a perdiem nurse I work one job 4 days per 6 week schedule but work more because they are short on night shift. I don't complain about being over worked because I can change my schedule at will. Working fulltime for me isn't beneficial. Sometimes you have a very bad night when seems patients keep coming and you have lovely nights when it is very slow. I work 12 hours nights I prefer it vs 8 hour and days. You have to find your niche. I guess when they say overoworked is when they get a very heavy patient load and get no relief. I wouldn't deterr from nursing because it is up to you really. I find NICU less stressful than med/surg or ortho too much work to me. It is a matter of preference.
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  7. by   charissa
    just know you can't always get 3 12's per week. I have one of our 12 hr positions and like at many small facilities they need me on afternoons, so all jobs with 12 hr shifts are POTENTIAL for 12's that way they can get away with only giving me like 2 per 2 week pay period and keep me where they need me, but after much pestering i may get my wish. It just depends where you work, some hospitals are all 12 hr shifts, some have combinations