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  1. by   husband_of_RN2B
    oh and a final note:
    to all those male or female who have posted empathy for these fictious parties you are all wonderful ppl and I for one am glad you are out there to care for the sick and injured! God bless you! For those that feel they were toyed with or played with we are sorry and hope you understand these observations do have merit. And my point is still proven! onto the hypothesis!
  2. by   azgirl
    When my husband was in nursing school that was his life. During pre-reqs we saw each other and still had some time together but once the program started he was totally checked out.

    He was a grouch and self centered and all the things he isn't in normal times. I was worried that that would never return but once he got out of school and got his RN life settled back down to normal and now is much better because of his being able to have a new career.
  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Well, I wish I hadn't put as much thought and care into my response as I did. I was trying to help someone I believed was in distress, as my DH and I were so long ago, and now I feel like a fool. Next time I won't be so trusting.
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  4. by   husband_of_RN2B
    No no no... let me qualify my earlier statement we have found some biased from both genders for instance we posted as female and complained of our husbands emotional lability since beginning work at a trauma center. We recieved multiple post from males and females who claimed to work in trauma centers defending the man and attacking his "spouse". although gender bias is part of the issue here it is only a part of the larger observation. Mostly we are looking at health care worker hostilty. Particularly during the formal educational period. And as I have maintained (although this is not my thesis) there are a lot of hostile healthcare workers out there. If anyone has found this unethical well no more unethical than some of the remedies to the intial "posters" perdiciment.
  5. by   husband_of_RN2B
    You are not a fool but you are very compassionate! thank you! as were other posters! I do not want anyone to feel foolish! But to those who are so quick to respond hostily maybe you should look at your intial reactions to sentive subjects. just a thought... thank you everyone for your time! I hope you can all move on!
  6. by   Gomer
    Originally posted by husband_of_RN2B
    YOU are assuming we have not tried this from a male perspective! And a steak dinner says I am chronologically older than you! and we tried this on boards ranging from chiropractors to DO's, male and female! we have tried a variety of nursing sites as well and we seem to get a great deal of hostility from all health care practitioners!
    You are feeling hostility because you (1) lied in your original posting, (2) you made an assumption that there was little or no empathy based on what? my response? you are correct, I have no empathy when it comes to fiction, (3) you are giving scientific research and theory a bad name (even a research novice would know an anonymous bulletin board could not be considerered an appropiate group to study)

    Now please, little boy or girl, go find something better to do with your time.
  7. by   live4today
    Originally posted by husband_of_RN2B
    Gomer:....................... there is something rotten but it is
    not mine or my husbands marriage! Your participation was greatly appreciated!

    Social scientisit
    hey husband........why did you write the above sentence: "not mine or my husbands marriage" if YOU are the husband. Shouldn't you have written "not mine or my wife's marriage"?

    Are you 4 real or what?
  8. by   live4today
    I knew I smelled spoiled fish!

    Actually, my first reaction to your first post was:

    And your point? :chuckle

    I just thought you were another whiny husband who couldn't stand the heat in the kitchen because the wife wasn't the one posting her point of view as well. We all know there are two sides to every marriage.......husband has his side, and wife has hers. Of course, I'm more prone to sympathize with a wife than I am a husband. And as Celine Dion sings in one of her songs:

    And THAT's the way it is!
  9. by   iliel
    you know what makes me sad about all of this...there are so many people who really live in that situation, people who really have to deal with that, and when you post something for what ever purpose, you seem to be making light of it.
    I agree with 3rdShift..the tough love I've gotten here has enabled me to get my head back on straight at times.;..and I thank eveyone here for being honest and upfront!
    You set ppl up, what did you expect to happen, you looked for the answer you wanted and you read into it.
    Do not say that Gomer may not be empithetic to pts because of the untrust that was detected in you're false post...I'm sorry, but you have no idea how these ppl will care for someone!
  10. by   husband_of_RN2B
    If you would read I am only using this to illustrate to a colleague a point I was trying to make about a research project we are working on! get angry if you want but you'll only drive up your B/P. oh and if you are so much above all this why do continue to respond? oh and one more thing if you think i am such a child well "I am rubber you are GLUE"...
  11. by   husband_of_RN2B
    You are correct I cannot make that assumption from the internet but how about 2 years of directly observing healthcare workers dealing with pts. and you are also correct there are ppl in that situation and it is unfortunate!
    Again this was just an illustration of more "sci-n-tifical" research get a sense of humor. ppl spend to much time on the boards end of story!
  12. by   flowerchild
    Originally posted by husband_of_RN2B
    It was predominately academic in nature although this impomptu observational "study" will not be used for formal academic purposes. It does however validate other earlier observations.
    you have all been great but this was an untrue post (although I would deeply empathize with any couple experiencing this situation). Gomers' response was the desired response. The obvious distrust of ppl is amazing and the fact that this person could not empathize with the "husband" post begs to ask if Gomer had a patient in a clinical setting would this person recieve the needed empathy that would be indicated?( note we are not questioning whether or not they would recieve appropriate treatment just the empathy and the "extra mile") or would the gut reaction of "I hope your wife/husband has a good divorce lawyer!" over take a persaons ability to care! For a "caring" profession it seems many nurses quickly resort to hostile emotions in the face of a sensitive topic!
    Perhaps your observations are totally off base b/c many of us who would of showed the compassion you say we lack, saw the post for what it is, a farce. Your findings are incorrect, easily based on the fact that they were nonscientific and therefore obsolete and INVALID. So why would you bother? Are you trying to prove something that is not real?
  13. by   Tweety
    Well, as it turns out Gomer was right! I think Gomer deserves the prize about knowing about human nature, not you or your collegues.

    I feel you've abused what this board is all about. I applaud Gomer's good sense for smelling it out before the rest of us did. It's people like you that make people like Gomer suspicious in the first place.


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