I Quit!!

  1. I QUIT Smoking!! I have been smoking for 17 years and I just can't do it anymore. My mom was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and it has already moved on to her esophagus. I do not want to die that way. Cancer is very common in my family. I know I am taking a chance with every cigarette.
    Any words of advice? Any tips or tricks you have tried or that work? Thanks for the help.
    Hugs :icon_hug:
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  3. by   Tweety
    Congratulations. Just don't take that first puff, no matter what.
  4. by   nurse4theplanet
    OMG, I am in the process of quitting myself...so far two whole days.

    That may not seem like much to someone who has never smoked before, but coming from a person who has smoked at min. 1ppdx4yrs...it is a huge step.

    I wanted to pick one up soooooooooooo bad, telling myself...oh i will just wait until after the weekend. But I have held myself to it, and I am already starting to hack up a lot of green sputum...so I know my respiratory tract is starting to kick back into high gear.

    Congrats! And Best of Luck.

    I have quit successfully for three months before. I started up again after my hubby got deployed (I also had just started nursing, moved out on my own, and lost a loved one). No excuse, but I was stressing bad one day and someone offered me a cig....needless to say- all it takes is that first puff!

    What helped me to do it then, was using the Nicoderm CQ patch...name brand. Wal-Mart brand does NOT work the same! And having my favorite hard candy around to eat in place of lighting up. I had no withdraw s/sx but I could not keep the patch on during the night because it made my heart race. I didn't follow the entire program, only wore it for about two weeks.

    Now, I am doing it totally cold turkey. I am on Wellbutrin for other reasons, and the doc said it should help me stop smoking but it didn't do a thing in that respect. And I can't do the patch while I am on Wellbutrin so I am betting on pure will power.

    Keep me posted on your progress.
  5. by   Valerette
    I found both www.whyquit.com and the american lung association's online quitting program helpful. I also carried an index card around with me that listed all the reasons I wanted to quit, and it helped to read it over frequently. Good luck to you, you can do it! :hatparty:
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  7. by   Shannon RN 2be
    Good luck to you too asoldierswife05! 2 days is great! I have quit before, I made it 3 months too. I was at a party and picked one up and it was all over. I am doing the patch but wonder if I shouldn't just try to do it cold turkey.

    Thanks for the advice. I love the idea of a note card. Remembering why I am quitting helps with the cravings. Hard candy is great for me too. Thanks for the website I have been to there site before they are great support!
    Hugs :icon_hug:
  8. by   Kwality
    I don't have any suggestions, but I will say it's good to know that you are taking an interest in your health. Sometimes we just need a push. No matter how long or short from your last, you're making progress! Good for anyone who is at least trying!
  9. by   nurse4theplanet
    another thing...

    throw out ALL your ashtrays and lighters.

    Clean out your car if you smoked in it and air out your house... It seems to help with the cravings.

    Avoid situations where you would be prone to smoking for a while like...bars, breaks with other smokers, boredom...

    Get a hobby

    Reward yourself for every small step or goal you meet!
  10. by   mhall76
    Congratulations !!!!!I used nicorette gum because it gives you something to reach for and an instant response. Unfortunately I used it for 2 years but hey its better than smoking and now I am nicotine free. Drink lots of water and exercise helps too. Hang in there. I lost my brother to CA this summer and it stinks to loose someone you love way too young
  11. by   mhall76
    Also no ETOH I still crave a cig if i drink!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   graddock
    I only say so because I myself tried quitting after 9 years. My findings:\\

    WELLBUTRIN/ ZYBAN= complete VICTORY over the cig monster. No Reward Experience after a cigarette, no nothing. ***Unfortunatley, for me, I had side effects after 2 weeks of treatment that caused me to change tactics. Sevre Anxiety.

    **Complete Will= Heard to be SUCH A CUCCESS! Only those who actually know how it can be will laugh at this one.

    *The GUM= Face it(in my case and so many others) it is just another case where you Like the gum too much. Not in all cases but, unfortunatley alot of patients will, but it happens.

    I am still smking to this day w/ a quit date of FEB 01, 2006. Why FEB?? Think about it---> Christmas and the withdrawal syndrome you'd have to deal with. Same as Christmas.

    I guess it coninues, at least for me. Congratulations on all others who are successful at this.
  13. by   Thunderwolf
    Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!
  14. by   Someday-C.R.N.A.

    Deciding that you truly WANT to quit is an important step.

    I also found the information at www.whyquit.com very useful. I spent some time reading through that site, and it made me feel better able to tackle my "demon". Knowledge is a very useful tool, and I found that site very educational.

    I used Smoke Away to help me quit. I liked the idea of not putting more nicotine into my system. They have a help forum (doesn't cost anything to join) at www.smokeaway.com - click on the "join the forum" link. Even if you don't register and participate, I found that reading some of the threads was helpful for me.

    I tossed a half a pack, about 7 packs in my carton, and a two pack a day for 13 years habit in the dumpster on April 16th of this year @ 2230 hrs.

    Remember that NO quit smoking aid is going to "make" you quit. YOU have some work to do, but the pay off is SO worth it.