I Passed

  1. I am so excited to report that I found out today by AL verification line that I passed!!!! I took 265 questions and was SURE I didn't pass. But everyone kept telling me that NCLEX often tests out pilot ? and sometimes you get LUCKY enough to sit through the whole thing. I think I did and am now glad I passed for sure on the first try. To all those out there who emailed and supported me through my agony...THANKS! Good luck to all!
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  3. by   CC NRSE

    I know that's a HUGH load off of you. Did you go to school in AL? If so, where?
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  4. by   Cardiolo
    Congratulations niknurse!! All the best to you in your new career!!
  5. by   Yalonda1
    Congratulations to you!!!! Now go out and celebrate and welcome to the nursing profession.
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  6. by   burger914
    Congradulations Niknurse RN!!
    Way to go!! Isn't it the biggest relief???
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  8. by   CEN35
    good job!
  9. by   moni rn
    congratulations!!!! :d :d :d
  10. by   RNinMay
    way to go!!!!

    i know how relieved you are! go out and celebrate!!:d