I Owe Thanks To Someone????

  1. Hi everyone,
    I owe a big thank you to one of you wonderful people, but am having a 'senior' momement.......
    On some? thread last week or two, i read a comment from someone???.don`t have the foggiestwho, tho........
    Statement was worded something like" If a doc writes strange orders that you don`t agree with just gently say"do you have a moment to educate me about this?" Well I tried this today with one of our most prickly surgeons.....and it worked like a charm......thank you thank you ,thank you......HAve shared tis tavtic with coworkers, and they intend to use it as appropriate...thank you again, whoever you are.....:kiss
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  3. by   aus nurse
    Originally posted by Nurse Ratched
    Jnette - a phrase I love that you can use with docs when something seems weird in an order is, "Do you have a minute to educate me on this?" It protects their fragile egos, keeps the working relationship friction-free and opens them up to give us valuable information (or backtrack and admit a mistake - I've seen it happen!)
    There ya go cactus, it was in general discussion under "questions about dealing with docs"
    I too use a version like this.....I say..."now I don't quite understand how you came to that conclusion, can you explain it to me please". Works as above
  4. by   MHN
    This method of dealing with Docs comes from a transaxial analysis framework its a good way of questioning anyone about things you don't agree with or think are wrong without being threatening.MHN
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  5. by   aus nurse
    Oh la la, there I was being transaxial hehehehehe

    Of course I knew that all along...really i did
  6. by   mattsmom81
    I think that's a great approach! thanks for sharing it! So true about the fragile egos...hehe.
  7. by   sbic56

    OK...would you please take a moment to educate me about "transaxial analysis framework'? Dictionary.com left me hangin'!
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I Have said this to difficult doctors since I began nursing. Most of the time, it gets them off their temper tantrum and to a place where they will talk reasonably to you. If this fails, I take a different approach to the effect that I am not there to be abused or talked to like that. "transaxial analysis framework" ---EDUCATE ME PLEASE??????
  9. by   Nurse Ratched
    Glad it worked for you, Cactus! I've heard horror stories about some of those surgeon types...

    Transaxial analysis framework must mean "ways to keep from getting you butt chewed" .
  10. by   Ex130Load
    Several years ago when I was a "big cheeze", I'd have really felt "full of myself" if'n one on my guys/girls had used that line on me. I'd given'em every bit of knowlege I possessed on the topic at hand. Regardless of the possible reaking contempt they may have had for me, I'd have been blinded to it because of how valued they'd made me feel. I gotta remember that line!