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  1. Hi guys.... I'm happy to be here, I'm from Indonesia if you guys ever heard that 😀 I'm a nurse, I'm a fresh graduated nurse. Why I'm joining all nurses, that because I really want to make friends (nurses of course) from everywhere ^^
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    Welcome. Congratulations on becoming a nurse.
  5. by   vicy
    Thank you.. I'm still confused here.. Hehehe
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    Hi, vicy! And welcome! Congratulations on graduation! Have you been licensed yet? What kind of nursing interests you?

    I'm still a baby in nursing. I've been working critical care (ICU stepdown) for about two years. I love it! I am presently on leave for medical reasons, but look forward to busting out my stethoscope again. [emoji5]️

    It is nice to "meet" you!
  7. by   vicy
    Oh wowwww thank you thank u so Much ^^ I feel the soul of nurse from u hhehehe bad news it take 1 year in my country to have the licence oh I love ICU, surgery, children haahaa... I still looking forward to know where exactly I'm interested with... Oh nice to hear that... Welcome back nurse ^^ my name is Victoria .. Nice to meet you!!!!!
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    Welcome! One of my best friends is from Indonesia. I live in the Midwest region in the US, and have been a nurse 13 years, and work in critical care.
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    Oh reallllly??? Wowww... thank you.. I hope I can go visit US one day heheheh
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    Ooh thank u really thank u
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    Please, tell us about yourself.
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    Yes, I know exactly where Indonesia is. But welcome to allnurses, and congratulations.
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    Oh thank u all... I'm so happy. Well.. About my self I'm confused how to start he he And I'm sorry I don't speak excellent English
    . so my name is Victoria but u can call me Vic or vicy, I'm 25 years old ^^ I've studied bachelor 4 years then I continue studied ners profession 1 years, when we studied ners profession programmes it gave us a choice 3 months wich part you interested to(Indonesians programs ofc), so my choice was mentality hospital ^^ I love about phycologists that's why.. thanks again.