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I really really really need some nurses' advice. So I've realized something about myself lately...I hate nursing. I think I always knew this in college, but I guess I thought things would get better... Read More

  1. by   Owensaunt
    You need to get into another department. Look into informatics or research.

    Quote from InfoNurse1595
    I really really really need some nurses' advice. So I've realized something about myself lately...I hate nursing. I think I always knew this in college, but I guess I thought things would get better when I was actually NURSING and making money in return....well its been two years as a nurse and nothing has changed. I think the major problem is my anxiety, I'm just one big ball of anxiety the minute I hit those hospital doors....and its taken a major toll on my mental health. I hate patient care and the bedside...and it has nothing to do with the way my unit is run....its a perfect unit with lots of support....I just can't get away from the fact that I hate taking care of people and just the normal stress of the job!!! I am so desperate to get out of this field, but I feel so trapped, and I'm also saddened about the concept of throwing my 4 year nursing degree away. I've recently decided the best thing to do right now is get my master's degree in Informatics, that way I can take a non-bedside-nursing positon....but this still leaves me with having to work for two or more years as I attend a part-time program. The thought of this scares me! I can't imagine two more years like this! I am really at my wits end, it seems like every idea I have to get out has a problem that I can't get passed. I am willing to take a major pay cut (and barely scrape by paying for rent, etc) and work in a office or telephonic nursing setting, but that leaves me with either 1. working 8-5 M-F, therefore no time to take night classes for informatics or 2. not enough experience to get these telephonic nursing positions! The only thing that is keeping my at my current job is the flexibility that is available for me to attend grad school this fall, and the fact that they will pay a good portion of my schooling....other than that I'm miserable with everything about it! I feel so mentally drained, the anxiety has totally killed me. I show up so early to work, and I'm freaking out the whole time I'm there...I hate this and I'm about to go crazy!!! (if I'm not already there yet!) I'm about to give up my dreams of getting my master's degree and settle for some type of office job that doesn't pay nearly as much as I am making now, but at least I'll have my sanity. I guess I am asking for some suggestions...what type of jobs are out there, I swear I think I've looked everywhere but two years doesn't seem to be enough experience. I currently making about $55,000 a year....I'm willing to take a 10,000 pay cut for any job that does NOT involve patient care. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!
  2. by   jmeng
    OMG...i feel like I am reading my own post! You are not alone. I am on exactly the same boat. It's been 4 years for me and counting...I made a mistake of buying a condo and have reached to the point of not caring of losing this property for sake of sanity. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better...but it never has. It has gotten worse year after year. the only way i can make myself keep in this field is by changing career and floating around. GET OUT!!!!
  3. by   nurse1109
    I am very anxious and frustrated with this career as well. It has now been 3.5 yrs into my nursing career and I have not once been happy. I feel like I have made a big mistake but then I feel guilty and I do want to like it. I am just tired and stressed all the time. I am fed up with no breaks and no lunches and all the physical requirements. I don't care how many "body mechanics" you learn 2 small 130lb women are not made to transfer non wt bearing 250lb ppl! I just feel like I worked so hard through college to give this up (math and science were not my thing but I worked hard for As). If I think about what I truly enjoy learning about it is English Literature and History. I feel like maybe I was more cut out for a job in Education, I am very detail oriented and organized. I just feel like I don't want to be trapped in this job feeling like someones servant (not just in reference to ungrateful patients but hospital administration as well). I have considered my BSN but I don't feel like good managers just get their job because of their degree, it takes experience. A BSN is a requirement but not a guarantee for administration/mgmt. My family has been driven crazy hearing me obsessive over what to do. Some say teach nursing school, but I feel a good teacher has a passion for their subject and I don't think it would be fair to hopeful students to have a cynical view of this profession. So I recently in the last few months took a position on a less hectic unit and now we have adequate staffing and guess what? Good old budget cuts mean no raises and nurse to patient ratio is cut so that is back to no break or lunch for me....and I can forget about leaving on time. I feel like my options are: 1) Suffer, make a decent paycheck but turn into a bitter person, 2) Pursue a non-bedside job like MDS Nurse where I am not worked like I am in a factory I will be a respected valuable member of the health care team. (Actually nursing Is worse than factory, my husband does it and he always gets his breaks and lunches and holidays/wknds off) . 3)Start working on my degree in something else such as teaching (although I would plan on job-shadowing and research prior to going to college for something I may hate) although teachers are loosing their jobs in this economy and the pay is not great, but I have $ and am miserable now! Like I said I feel trapped and guilty. My grandmother told me this should be a ministry I should not have these feelings about working to help other people. (she was also an English teacher who had summers off, and was offered more money to take an early retirement).

    Oh and I have work outpatient surgery which physically is much better. But it has its downfalls as well. Reimbursement is better outpatient so Drs will try and squeeze anyone in they can even if they are not "healthy". Even though you "close" at 5pm I have spent many nights at work until 9pm because someone takes that long to pee or for the spinal to wear off or there anesthesia to wear off enough to have decent VS. Drs don't care, they will add on a case at 4pm and tell you that you are lucky to have a job. I worked one day in primary pacu with one other nurse and me to recover 18 outpatients in one day. I was fed up with crazy, that is why I left.

    I am now starting to think there is no "good" nursing job, I know there is never a perfect job but at least when I graduated I had hope it would not all be crazy.
  4. by   joanna73
    Just to give you all some perspective, because I can totally appreciate where you are coming from. I am new to nursing, but I worked retail and hotel mgmt for years. Basically, the same politics, overworked, burnout, etc, etc. I guess the key is to find some aspects you enjoy, and try to hold on to that. The grass really isn't greener on the other side, unfortunately.
  5. by   Jan_80
    I've been a nurse for almost 2 yrs now and I must say that bedside can really burn you. I'm trying to get away from the bedside. I was an ER nurse for 9 months...I had no time to eat, go to the bathroom, and i couldn't sleep thinking that i had to go back to work. I'm doing home care now but is not very fullfilling to me. I'm looking into coding, drug safety, clincial data analysis, and perhaps MBA in Healthcare/Life Sciences. If anyone has any info on these, please let me know. I would appreciated greatly!
  6. by   cb_rn
    Think about getting into informatics, if you don't mind computers.
  7. by   essie2006
    which clinical research org do work for?...i'm trying to get such a job...i'm based in Boston
  8. by   nursingosaurus
    I read this post a long time ago....and think about it often....I actually thought about this post quite frequently when I took a job out of nursing school at the bedside (pediatric med-surg) that I really just could not stand. It was a horrible fit for me but everyone kept telling me you "need the medical surgical experience as a a new nurse no matter what." I thought that I would like the faster pace of the ICU a lot better, but no, I actually hated it MORE. What I learned about myself is that a)the things people say such as "you must get medical surgical experience or else!" may be advise with good intentions, but it may not be advise that really applies to everyone.
    I, too, have anxiety issues and I have been doing work for school on a medical surgical unit. Something about the patient acuity and the 10000000 things happening on the unit really make me feel like my head and heart are about to explode....so I can feel for you. A lot.

    ***I originally came to this post because I wanted to know what you decided to do with your career...if you stayed with nursing or went elsewhere..... can you update us if you don't mind?*** I truly send your way the best of wishes and hope you are at peace with your career choices, whatever they may be.
  9. by   cyram81RN
    How many years of exp does that require if you don't mind me asking?
  10. by   cyram81RN
    Quote from enfermeria
    My mom do "utilization review" in a state in Southeast US (can't tell where for confidentiality purpose). She review medicare/medicaid those kind of stuff that I don't completely understand. She got only 23.5/hr... not too bad...That would make about 40,000 and somethings a year.
    It is a office job...8-5 M-F. I know you would make more being staff nurse in hospital
    How many years of exp does that require if you don't mind me asking?
  11. by   madeinamerica
    I understand completely what you are saying. After 26 years of hell and tortue I finally left the
    hospital scene. Please don't wait that long. I do not advise a masters degree. There are 10 million\
    master degreed nurses. Its not what you know, but who you know in the field. If most nurses were
    honest with themselves they would be admitting what you have admitted. What I did was take a sales position with a company called PSS Medical Supply. The nursing background is excellent for sales keeping in mind the goal is good customer service. As nurses now have become public relations
    experts, sales is a great way to go and has alot of potential for excellent salary. There area tons of
    medical supply companies where your nursing background will work. Good luck to you. Please
    know you are not alone