I had to be a patient :(

  1. last week at the hospital I work at because my doc is there.
    I was volume depleted from food poisoning and needed IV fluids.
    Anyway I was so embarressed going in there because I looked like total crap. that food poisoning REALLY whooped my behind. Right before going to the doc's I was trying to get out of my bed real slow because i had orthostatic hypotension REALLY bad. When i got to sitting position i got that quick urge that the diarrhea was on its way (again) and right after that the vomitting occured so yep, I sh*t myself, pissed myself and vomitted all at the same time and then passed out back onto the bed. Too add to the humiliation at that point I was at my fiance's house in his bed with him sitting next to me the entire time. (He would make such a good nurse but I can't convince him to go for it.)
    I got cleaned up and made it to the docs looking white as a ghost wearing an old t shirt, my fiances scrub bottoms (humongous on me) and no socks with my tennis shoes because I had puked on those earlier. And this is how I was admitted to the hospital also.
    I hoped so bad no one would recognize me but of course they did. Luckily it was only a few people. I was so embarressed seeing the people I work with looking so horribly and disheveled.
    I think the whole experience is going to make me a better nurse (I just graduated in Dec. and passed NCLEX in Jan.). Before this, had I been the nurse of a girl coming in looking the way I did I would have thought something that wasn't the truth about them.

    Just thought I would share my story. Maybe it will make a difference for some of the rest who haven't had the unfortunate experience of being a patient yet.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    Often we learn our most important skills after having been patients ourselves. When you next have as a pt someone that you know/work with, you might think more kindly of their embarrassment. It's no fun being the pt, but each time I have been, I've learned something new about how to treat my pts.

    Sorry you had to go through that, hope you're feeling better.

  4. by   Batman24
    Sorry you were so ill. No one looks pretty when they are that sick. I am sure everyone felt bad that you were feeling so poorly.

    I had back spasms so bad one time that I couldn't sit on the potty and was kind of standing over it instead. The poop plopped into the toilet and right onto the floor. I was horrifed as my hubby had to clean it up, but he was awesome about it too. I now have great compassion for those with back pain. And for those who aim and miss.
  5. by   allantiques4me
    Hope yore feeling better.I know I Feel bad just going out of the house without a shower.Let alone at my worst moments. Im sure they wont judge you,they are supposed to be professionals.Wow, you were really sick!!
  6. by   GingerSue
    hope you're feeling better

    (I know how I felt when I went into emergency after breaking a bone, with such pain, and wanted to at least dress so I looked presentable, and to worry that I might be judged by my appearance - when I was less able to manage)
  7. by   UM Review RN
    Julie, believe me, no one was concerned with what you wore. They were concerned with how sick you were.

    I'd probably be looking at how pale you were and what your skin turgor was and thinking, "She's so dry, her veins are gonna be totally floppy" and hoping I could get a 22 into your AC so we could get you rehydrated.

    So getting that IV before you got any drier would be my #1 Goal, not wasting time noticing your clothes.

    ((((((feel better, ok?))))))))
  8. by   Julie_Bean
    Thanks all of you! I feel much better!
  9. by   SCRN1
    I'm glad you're feeling better and sorry you had to go through all that. I JUST got back from our ER myself. I was on my way in to work tonight and my blood sugar was 497. I felt horrible by the time I walked from the parking lot to inside the hospital. I saw the nursing supervisor and she sent me straight to the ER. They gave me a liter bolus of NS and finally 3 1/2 later, my blood sugar was down to 304 and they let me go. The supervisor had come to check on me several times while I was in the ER, so I went to tell her I was finished when they d/c'd me. She said, "go up and tell your girls bye. They've been worried about you". So, I went up to see the nurses, tech & secretary on my floor before leaving. They took one look at me and told me I looked horrible. I told them I now felt swollen after the bolus and they said my face was real puffy. I assured them I was feeling better than when I first got there and a floater nurse who was working in my place told them I did look better than when I first arrived because she'd seen me downstairs when we first came in. They told me they'd been worried about me and had kept calling the ER to check on me. It was a good feeling to know they cared and as busy as I know they were, they took time to call and check.