I had surgery last week--

  1. Last Monday morning I had surgery for the gastric bypass and was released Wednesday morning and what an eye opening experience.

    The RNs went out of their way for me even when I tried telling them I was okay that there was other patients that needed them, and out of a total of 4 CNA's only 1 brang me fresh water and new foamies (sorry, not sure what they are called.). 3 of them came in the room and left as if I wasn't even there and 1 never told the RN I needed pain meds. The CNA that told me to go ahead and take a shower Tuesday morning disappeared leaving me alone coming out of the shower with a washcloth and one of the bathmats that you put on the floor to use to dry off. This was the same CNA that came in to announce she was beginning her 7a-7p shift and she wasn't awake yet, and I never saw her again. Maybe she went back home to bed..dunno.

    I guess what I am trying to say is I don't know what I would have done without the RN's that were coming in and checking my vitals and giving me my pain meds!!

    I was given a comment form prior to surgery that I brang with me and made sure that I wrote down all of the RNs and Techs, (this hospital has wipe boards that they update with Charge Nurse/RN/Tech each shift) and did give negative comments about that one particular CNA. I am not sure what else was going on on the floor and for all I know it could have been a disaster, and I certainly don't want to start a huge flame against CNAs, I guess I just want to point out what I witnessed and went through. If anything is brought out of this, I hope it is to remind people to take that extra second while you're grabbing for towels to make sure you have an actual towel, and not to forget that a fresh cup of ice and water to a person makes all the difference in the world.

    Kudos to all of you that work so hard!!

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  3. by   sunnyjohn
    Happy to hear you made it through your surgery safe and sound.

    Yes, the CNAs were probably just stretched to the limit.
  4. by   P_RN
    Keep us posted on your progress! Glad you're home and get well soon!
  5. by   GeminiTwinRN
    I hope you took the time to comment on the positive experience you had with the RN's as well as the negative one you wrote about.

    I'm glad your surgery went well and you are home.
  6. by   Jenny67
    Thank you everyone..yes, I did give kudos to each and all of my RN's and Techs, with one negative.

  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I wish you the best of all this surgery has to offer you, in the way of a new life. I also wish you wellness and complete healing. I am glad you were cared-for. That sure is great! Take care now, you have a new life awaiting you.
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    wish you well on your new journey I had RNY approx 17 months ago lost 102lbs and best thing I ever did.