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Last year I had eight jobs as a LPN. I'm so tired of job hopping and just want to stay put. I take full responsibility and admit that I'm not good at making good decisions when it comes to... Read More

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    Agreed and thanks for giving me a reality check. BTW- the fact that I called in sick did not get me fired, it was not being able to attend orientation as scheduled due to my school schedule, per my termination documentation. Never the less it was not a smart idea.
    You're splitting hairs. You didn't show up for orientation whatever the reason. Bound to **** off TPTB.
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    I would just wait until you graduate and then have a "clean slate" resume and not even list all that stuff.

    Personally, I believe this is bad advice. Had a lady waste my time on this very crap today. Didn't get her the job, just ticked me off.

    Just this morning I was asked to do a 2nd interview by the CNA staffing manager. She brought the candidate in and I did a real quick review of the application which showed only 2 jobs in the past year (had quit both within 3 months). All the rest of the "previous employment" lines were left blank and I couldn't help but notice the candidate had graduated high school in 1982. I also commented to her that she looked familiar to me and she agreed she knew me from somewhere.

    Long story short, upon further questioning she had worked in nearly every local nursing home within the last 2 years. Admitted to me when I directly asked that she had never held a job (in any industry) over a year in her entire life.

    OP: Hold onto what you have no so you can begin to show a pattern of an ability to hold onto a job. This will be vital to your success as a RN. Also, please know, that I have NEVER had a job that didn't have something I absolutely despised about it.
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    just reminding you that you can request to have this thread closed at any time.
    it sounds like you've made some concrete steps, and you're headed in the right direction.

    much luck to you, nlj!

    I didn't know that. Moderators if you are still awake please close this thread. I received great responses, no need to keep it open.
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