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Yup, thought I was immune; yes, of course I did it to myself by lifestyle choices; just want to let you know, since this is mostly a FEMALE forum, that of course I presented with unusual symptoms;... Read More

  1. by   68RN
    Hi, Husker nurse!!! So glad you got good care and are on the road to recovery!! I guess if one is to have an MI, what better place than to be in your own hospital and on duty surrounded by fellow professionals!! May you continue on the road to recovery and get stronger every day!!
    My older brother developed chest pain on his way home from the lake and was on the interstate. He drove on home, took an aspirin and wife drove him to hospital!!! Informed him next time, call 911!!! He ended up having a CABG and is in good health today!!
    Let us know how you are doing!!This is a caring place,isn't it!!
  2. by   husker-nurse
    Quote from sunseeker
    Thank you for sharing. This is a terrific post. Certainly not the streotypical male symptoms. Did you have any pain or just discomfort? I'm sorry that you had the MI. But wow! -your treatment was amazingly fast! Did you suspect an MI or did the ER come up with the suspected dx on their own? Either way I'm happy you received such good care. Thanks again for sharing your story. Please take care of yourself! Small changes can really add up to a healthier lifestyle. Hang in there!
    Thanks, and yes, I am truly amazed! To answer your question, no, not really "pain", more upper GI "discomfort", although I have a very high pain tolerance (which can be a problem at times!). I rated it at an 8 of 10 scale. I just knew that something was VERY wrong. When I presented to the ER, the charge RN grabbed a wheelchair after I said, "I think I need to be seen.", and wheeled me back. A coworker has since told me that I was almost gray in appearance, so I'm assuming that she had a clue as to what was happening. The EKG tech was going to do another patient, but she demanded that I be done first, telling her I was more "emergent." I tested the versed that they gave me for the angio, and I remember everything, right up the the symptoms returning, and the doc said that was because he was right up against the (99%) blockage. The flight nurse told me that they are very proud to state that average turnaround time for MI from the ER to CCU is 60 minutes, compared to 90 minutes nationally. Sorry for the long post, but, like I said, if I can help even ONE person....and thanks for the kind words!
  3. by   Angie O'Plasty
    Wow, that's rough--glad you recognized that there was a problem even though you had atypical symptoms and that you were treated promptly! Definitely a lesson to all of us. God bless you on the road to recovery.
  4. by   mona b RN
    Quote from husker-nurse
    Yup, thought I was immune; yes, of course I did it to myself by lifestyle choices; just want to let you know, since this is mostly a FEMALE forum, that of course I presented with unusual symptoms; very little pain, more upper GI discomfort than anything; but the extreme diaphoresis and weakness to my arms was what sent me to the ER. I wish to applaud my hospital, Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City, Ia.I'll tell you that within ONE hour after I presented to the ER, the angioplasty was done and I was in the CCU. We have a local TV commercial that states "It's that good!" and I have to say that we are very lucky to have such a wonderful staff and hospital in a not-so-large community. I am a practicing RN at this hospital, and I was 20 minutes into my shift. I hope that there may be someone who treated me reading this post. If you are, thank you for saving my life and for not judging me.WOW. I'm honored to work alongside such a wonderful bunch of people!

    So glad to hear things worked out for you. It is important that we recognize the fact that women can present with different symptoms. My mom recently had a HA and she said that the pain she felt in her chest was more like an exploding pain rather than the more typical crushing pain. Actually, she stated that it felt like her chest giving birth. She also experienced pain radiating up to her jaw in addition to vomiting and states this is when she knew she was in serious trouble. Funny thing though, she still went to the Dr's office rather than right to the ER or calling an ambulance. The Doc took one look at her and called an ambulance;she had open heart surgery the next day. It's odd how many women can be so tolerant of pain.

    The symptoms that she mentions most through her ordeal are vomiting, anxiety, exploding chest pain and jaw pain. She was also very emotional most of the morning preceeding the attack.

    Glad to hear you are well
  5. by   Anagray
    SO glad you were treated in time and saved. It must have been such a scarry time for you. I wish you quick recovery and all the best.
  6. by   harley007
    Glad you have done so well! I just started working in the cath lab 4 months ago and I am major league impressed with the ER response. GREAT turn around time depends so much on the ER making the correct diagnosis. Once they call us with the news of an "acute" we have picked up the pt from the ER and have them on our table being prepped in under 10 minutes. So, the faster the ER the faster we are "in" and ready to stent. What a great hospital you work in. Best of luck! :spin: :spin:
  7. by   donsterRN
    I'm so happy that you're doing better. Best wishes for a very speedy recovery, and take care, OK?