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Put all your feelings about homosexuality aside. Homophobes need not respond. Sorry, just had to say that, since that is not the issue. Anyway, we have a nurse who is male (boderline personality... Read More

  1. by   giggly1977
    I agree with all of the above. It doesn't matter, gay, straight, bi, it's all harassment. Maybe he shouldn't have his license at all. Is he trying to pick up his patients as well?? Just report the Loser, he shouldn't have the right or privelage to hold such a dear license and have other peoples lives in his hands. Good Luck!!
  2. by   Down Under
    Sounds like he is targetting you possibly because he knows he can get away with it. This guy could be a risk to the patients - do something about it before its too late.
  3. by   Hardknox
    So what happened??? Did you confront this person and go to management???
  4. by   lvsmith
    report him
  5. by   prmenrs
    Lv--this thread was started in 2002. Just fyi. I'm pretty sure the situation is resolved by now--@ least I hope so!
  6. by   Tweety
    Resolved. Thanks.