I get by with a little help from my friends!

  1. For those that know my posts, you will know that my workplace is far from employee friendly. They don't really care, and obviously practice managerial tactics to show their total disregard for treating employes, professional or not like people of value.

    I came home after a very very rough work day three days before Christmas. I was furious at my management team, and their total disregard towards my Caregivers at my facility, and for the nurses as well. We are their backbone, and without us they will drop! So instead of being angry..I chose to write a little thank you to all my caregivers showing MY appreciation for them, and I can't believe the total outpouring of love and emotions I got from just this simple letter...only one draft (normally I do tons! LOL)...and the respect I achieved afterwords...

    Just thought I would share...it only took 10 minutes, and changed things for the better in moral 10 fold!!!!!!!

    To my wonderful Day Caregivers!
    When I think of the gift of giving, I only need to look down a hallway, or in the breakroom and know that I work with the kindest of givers this planet has! From wiping a tear off a cheek, to holding one up so they may take a step, to cleaning a person that may not be able to, and providing the greatest gift of all...a chance for dignity, love and health for the rest of someone's life!
    I see the kindness of the Holiday Season daily...in your eyes, in your smiles...and yes, even in a frustrated face when the day has been long and hard! I know that in your heart you do this because it is part of your own special natural glowing personality that can never be dulled...but keeps on shining come what may! And I can't tell you how impressed, appreciative, and down right proud I am to work with such a wonderful group of people!
    When I think of the Holidays wishes I can't help but think of you all, of your families, and of all the hard work and sacrifice you and yours give during the year. The countless birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays we all have missed so that we can take care of our residents who need us. I consider not only your sacrifices, but those of your families too, and I wish with every part of me that you and yours have a very special and Happy Holiday Season!
    You certainly deserve this and more!!! For the first time in my work career, I feel like I have a very large extended family...and I am truly blessed to have the honor of knowing such fine, wonderful, caring and supportive people like yourselves! I am not use to getting to know those who I work with, something I just never felt comfortable doing...but I can't help but feel a warm glow when I talk to others about the great set of people I work with! Even when I get that **** The Nurse voice of "WHAT?!?!"over the walkie, or that look of "okay one more thing on my plate and I will...." I go home in my car thinking how lucky I am to have folks that understand that despite the craziness we all go through, and yes..the subsequent crabbiness (yeah that's an understatement..LOL!)...we are still there for each other! We certainly are a team, and through times of happiness and sorrow, frustration and joy...we get the job done for folks that can not do it for themselves. And that, my friends, is a talent to say the least, and a thing you can only give if you truly know how to care!
    Thank you for all you do day in and day out, and I can honestly say without a doubt, I wouldn't know what I would do without you!
    Happy Holidays To You and Yours!
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  3. by   katiebugg
    TriageRN, all I can say is that this moved me to tears...very well done. I hope someday I will be so fortunate to work with such a caring person as yourself. Bravo!!!

  4. by   Antikigirl
    Thank you very much..I was in tears writing it..and still am reading it even a week later! And I can't tell you how many tears of joy ran down the faces of my caregivers as they read it!!! I got more hugs than I have ever gotten, and more thank you's from the heart then one person in one lifetime can have! All because I took ten minutes out of my life, said what I felt, and gave a little love back to those that matter quite a bit to me professionally and personally!

    Well worth the time to write, and the tears are very sweet!!!!!!
  5. by   webblarsk
    That is so awesome! And I am sure it meant so much to them! Its not often that caregivers (especially in LTC) get the thanks and appreciation they deserve! If only all nurses were like you!
  6. by   lovingtheunloved
    TriageRN, you rock.
  7. by   Dixiecup
    I also work in a LTC facility at present.We have a large dry erase board posted by the nurses station titled APPRECIATION BOARD.Anyone can write on it at anytime and it really boosts people's spirits. Everyone writes on it from our Administrator to the CNA's. It's pretty cool!:hatparty: