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I applied to a prestigious hospital as a CNA/PCT/Student nurse, and I made it to the 2nd round, which was a computerized personality test with the choices Strongly Agree, Moderately Agree, Slightly... Read More

  1. by   PeachPie
    Quote from augigi
    The title of this thread cracked me up.. I thought "how can you *fail* a personality test"? Don't worry about it unless you don't have one!
    Hehe, reminds me of Julie Brown's "Cause I'm a Blonde:"

    I took an IQ test and I flunked it of course!
    I can't spell VW but I got a Porsche
    Cause I'm blone B-L-I-N-D
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    Update: (Yes, I'm double posting, sorry). I talked to some people who have been working as techs and clerical staff at this hospital, and they said that the HR department had been slashed visciously and replaced by computers. All fo the people I talked to either saw right through the test and answered correctly (one of my friends was even praised that she got a high score on the test even though HR stressed that there was no right or wrong answer), or they've been working for years and applied before the survey replaced human interviews. They say that a lot of people have been rejected due to the test, including one person who had already started orientating on a floor.

    Is this happening a lot at hospitals?
  3. by   CseMgr1
    Quote from mvanz9999
    best practices
    service level agreement
    knowledge transfer
    mission critical

    Really neat and totally meaningless groups of useless words.
    Add to this list: "Rank and Yank"....used extensively by the late Ken Lay (Enron).

    Need I say more?
  4. by   PANurseRN1
    Many years ago I applied for a job at a hospital that thought it was "all that." They gave applicants a personality test, but in person, with two people asking you questions.

    One of them asked me "Is it wrong to bend the truth?" I said "That depends on how badly you want to bend it."

    I did not get the job.
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    okay I had to giggle on this one! First I thought that would be just like me to fail a personality test!

    Then when I got down to the post about the squirell--- oh man!!

    Thennnnnn when I saw the one about the lady whose test got snickered at and pointed to and never heard back from- I laughed out loud on this!! I can't help but think they had the stinking answer key upside down the whole time and NEVER knew it! I wonder how many psychos they hired who 'passed'!!!!!!

    I am howling with laughter thinking about this!!
  6. by   BSNtobe2009
    Quote from destiny5
    My interview at Kohl's department store went well but when it came to the personality test, I can remember the associate putting the scoring key on top of my answers, then getting a few people to look at it. They were all ina huddle, frowning & one of them asked who's test was it. The guy pointed to me and they "sort of" snickered.---They called me up to the desk & said "you'll hear from us" I left feeling like crap ----standardized personality tests should NEVER replace the good judgement of the interviewer.... I'ts all pretty lame.
    ....and it does. I applied for a job in college at a Hallmark store. Part-time! It was a corporate owned store and got turned down because of one of those stupid personality tests. They actually told me it was the reason they couldn't hire me.

    Anyone on here that has worked in HR can attest: It's the employers that abuse the tests. When they are "sold" to company to use, they are told it is a TOOL to ASSIST them in the hiring process, and should never be used to make a hiring decision. The tests are not without flaw.

    Too many employers don't hear the "tool" and "assist" part and use it to make the hiring decision...and it causes some very well-qualified applicants to go work for a competitor.

    Side note: I realized after I posted this that someone else applied to Hallmark on this thread got turned down too. <sniff> I feel so bonded now
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  7. by   Little Flower
    These funky little tests are also used as "deal breakers" when the HR person can't decide which person to give the wonderful employment deal to. Say 2 people come with exact qualifications and everything else is the same, i.e., age, height, weight, well, you know what I mean. They will use these little tests to decide.

    It is nothing but a "test" to see how well the person can "play a game and give them the response they want". It is all part of a "package" ....you are a "package" or "packet of information/data". This neat little "package" is then converted to a "file". When you screw up they refer back to the "package/file" to render appropriate discipline...........like "see, you were such a good employee before but something has now HAPPENED to you".

    On the other hand when you take a personality test up front before submitting an application they are not looking at you for your qualifications at all but simply how well you can "play the game" and that includes LIE (but of course that means ...lie for them to protect them, to side with them, to deny for them, to cover-up for them). It is all part of the "game".
    It is all part of being a "team-player". Haven't you heard those words before. Have you ever wondered what that really meant? Well, you have to have a certain level of intelligence to be able to first think of the correct answer and then second to go above that and think of what they "want" you to say to safisfy the "game". AND, you have to customize ALL of your answers based on what type of job you are going in for, considering the mind set of those that are employed there and the types of personalities you have encountered along the way that match those jobs.

    What a twisted world we live in now. Newspeak on words .....right is left and yes is no.

    Qualities like conscience, ethics, prinicples, even education and such are on the back burner to quick deceit. Of course, the answer to that statement is: Oh, we NEVER lie here. That is frowned upon. Truth is that is what is meant by the "best candidate for the job = the best liar".

    The new "key-words" here are adaptation and flexibility. Can you wing-it? Can you fit into/move into other spots fluidly? Can you please by saying and DOING what they want?

    Personality tests are like try-outs for the major leagues. You don't have to have good academic grades to make the team. You just have to be a team-player, know how to throw the ball, when to hold and when to run, how to sweat at the appropriate time and when to smile for the camera.

    Psych 103

    Think about it.

    Just my 2 cents.
  8. by   monsterbaby
    Don't worry about it! They're loss is your gain. That's how I feel when I go for an interview with 17 years of nursing under my belt, and whether they will admit it or not, people just don't like tattoos, and I have at least 15 of them. But I'm also 48 years old and not a kid, so that's what I always say, your loss not mine. Maybe that's why I'm back in corrections, where I'm comfortable. Keep your head up!!!
  9. by   jeffrey_rn
    These are not personality tests; they are intelligence tests. If you really want the job, you put your honesty on hold, and answer the questions the "right" way- the way that leads you to employment. If you're smart enough to recognize the "right" answer, you will easily "pass" the test and get the job. If you don't really want the job, then you don't compromise your integrity, you answer truthfully, and continue your job search. And if you do want the job but can't discern the "correct" answer, well... that's when you've really failed the test.
  10. by   BoomerRN
    I had an interview recently for a hospice job and the director wants me to work for them. While I was giving my id's to the hr person to copy she says: "Oh, by the way can you complete an 'online assessment asap?" "It's just an assessment of your skills". I went online and completed it and it was not an assessment of my skills. It was a personality test. I have never had to take one of these tests before. I haven't heard from hr yet as to whether I passed it or not. I'll let you know. Whatever happened to just interviews and personal references?
  11. by   sumoe
    I refused to take the job because they wanted me to take a test. Here's my personality: I'm old, cranky, and have a bad attitude. That's what makes me "me". The bad attitude is over the usual overwork and underpay, understaffing, lack of potty breaks, lack of lunch, etc. But, my patients and co-workers enjoy good care and good teamwork. I don't need to know anything else about myself, and they don't need to know, either.
  12. by   NYTramaRN
    Quote from rn/writer
    Nah, the moral of this story is, "Before you pick the PC answers that will get your foot in the door, slap yourself :trout: really hard and consider whether or not you want to live with what's on the other side."
    Amen to that. This big business, politically correct crap has got to stop.
    Oh, and a flash for the hospital admin folks; their called patients, not customers. Nurses do pt care not customer service, and yes sometimes we are less that charming with someone to get the job done: it's the results that count.
  13. by   Little Flower
    It used to be about your qualifications but now it is foremost how you fit their team. Each personality test is geared to produce the results of the type of team player they are looking for. You have to pass the personality test before anything else.....then they consider your credentials.

    Most places you apply for a job now.....even in banks I have noticed. They have the little computer there and you have to sit there and do the little test thing first.

    Employers are doing a psych evaluation on you FIRST....plus, there are literally hundreds of people applying for a measely one position....and no telling how many more are applying online only to find out they still have to come to the lobby of some building and unceremoniously sit out in the middle of the room somewhere and take the little test.

    In the good OLD days and I do mean OLD days. There might be a couple or several vying for a position. Today there could be hundreds or more.....even for a little pissy job, a no-account job, a meaningless job, etc.

    Most all candidates get flushed down the proverbial toilet up front because they don't fit the psych profile they are looking for.

    Don't you feel like a worthless, numberless ant in an ant hill or grain of sand on the beach when applying for a job? I do. Your chance of getting the job you want or any job are more and more minisicule....shrinking with every year that goes by.

    Then add to that all the disqualifiying factors like your age, your age and your age.,,,,then your ethnicity, your ethnicity and your ethnicity......along with ANY TIME YOU HAVE EVER FILED A CLAIM FOR WORK COMP (no matter if you won or not) OR HAD A BACK INJURY. The disqualifying factors just keep growing.

    Once you realize that you are not an individual any more looking for a job but simply a unit of production (where the most perfect, young and unspoiled units are valued - that require less money and are not fixed/rigid in their already trained mind-set) then you will realize how remote your chances are of getting not only the job you want but any job.

    Employers say they don't discriminate due to age, disability, yadda, yadda, yadda but they do....they just found a way to hide it and a different way to by-pass it. It is that little personality test.

    Of course there still remains one factor that will get you a job and that is:

    Its not what you know but WHO you know.

    Good luck in your searches.