I blew it!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

  1. Hi all i just blew my chance at nursing schoolGot a call last night at 8:30pm to call the dept in the morning.Call about two minutes ago and cant get in as i failed my maths exam.I am so mad at myself.Why am i not smart enough?Have to resit it in january.What if i fail again?Will i ever get in?Just need a little encouragement please.
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  3. by   jenni82104
    I'm sorry for your bad news, I know how upset you must be. First of all do you think that you put enough study time in? I am not good at math either, so I knew before I took my test that I had to put a lot of time into going over the material so I could comprehend it.
  4. by   Beneficence
    I am sorry to hear about your failed test too. I know a few girls who had to retake the math exams a few times in nursing school. We got accepted before we took the math test though. The teachers really worked hard with those girls to make sure they understood the math. Everybody passed..just some took more retakes...limit was 3 tries before probation (NOT expelsion-spelled right?) any way, pray and stay focused. Study and come up with some relaxation techniques (do you think you have test anxiety?) Can some of the students or the teachers help you for next time??? Wish you the best!!Will say a prayer for you!!!! Be encouraged!!!!
  5. by   RNin'08
    If you've made it this far I doubt that your problem is that you're "not smart enough". Math is a common problem area, does your school offer tutoring? Is there a review course you can take while you wait to retest in January? Take a deep breath, review, and prepare yourself for next time. You can do it!

    ~my reality check bounced~
  6. by   Tweety
    I'm sorry, but pick yourself up, dust yourself off. January is several months away, that gives you plenty of time to study. Good luck
  7. by   Katnip
    You failed one exam. That doesn't mean you aren't smart enough. A lot of people have trouble.

    Tweety's right. Take this as an opportunity to strengthen your math skills.

    Don't beat yourself up over it.

    Good luck!
  8. by   luvkitties
    i don't think you "blew" your chances of getting into nursing school...many people (myself included) have issues with math or science, and some need a little help now and then. you said you can take the math again in january? in that case, this isn't a failure...this is only a temporary setback. take this time that was given to you to work on anything that needs polishing, and don't be afraid to ask for help! when you do pass this math test (and i have every confidence that you will), it will feel like a huge weight off of your shoulders :wink2:

    chin up! you can do it...i know you can! :icon_hug:

  9. by   Antikigirl
    I did basically the same thing...I tested and was at math 20 (it had been YEARS since I did math). So that screwed me up for nursing school for a year. SO what I did was to take as many classes I could including the other prerequisits that nurses need, and well...one or two for my own enjoyement and studied some old books I had on math on my own time.

    The next time testing came I scored 160! I just needed a brush up on fractions and decimals!

    When I did get into the math class (I picked 120 because I wanted to re-learn it), the prof was all over the place and I couldn't understand him...talk about feeling defeated!!!! I quit the class in utter sadness...

    Then I found out I could take the class in distance learning on the TV. I did...BEST thing I ever did! I taped the classes and watched them at my own time. The prof was easy to understand and if I didn't catch something...I just rewinded!!!!! It was too cool and I aced it!!!! (I still have my tapes for my kids!).

    See if that is an option...was soooooooooooo worth my time, I hear other schools have internet classes in math too!

    Good luck to you, and get those other prereqs and such out of the way! YOu can do it!!!!!!!!
  10. by   VickyRN
    Quote from Tweety
    I'm sorry, but pick yourself up, dust yourself off. January is several months away, that gives you plenty of time to study. Good luck
    :yeahthat: Check out this link (lots of great advice on doing calculations here):


    So you're off to a rough start (a little bump in the road). Remember it's not how you START but how you FINISH the race that matters. You can do this!
  11. by   fgoff
    Failure is just another way to learn. Korney but true.....Now you know what you need to concenstrat on.

    Everybody's failed at something @ onetime, try to stay postive. You can do this, one step at a time!!!!
  12. by   RNin2007
    I pretty much got D's and F's in math all through HS. Never got the help I needed (my teachers told me to ask my parents for help - they couldn't help me). When I started taking my pre-reqs I scored into a low math class. I used the tutoring center diligently AND practiced for several hours every night. I had to put a lot of time into math, moreso than any other class i've taken since. I managed to get straight A's all the way through pre-calculus. I was always one of the top THREE in my classes for overall grades.

    You can do this....trust me. Get help...from a tutor or friend. Do all your homework with them (not have them do it FOR you but be there if you get stuck). And practice, practice, practice.

  13. by   buddiage
    I got C's in math, even retaking math classes. Had that problem since the 3rd grade. I didn't care about math or school. I vowed NEVER to go to college. Well, times change. I took math in college and all of my classes I got 4.0's. You may have to whip out your "game face" to do this. It's not easy. I'm not a math wizard. But if you want something bad enough, you get a "do it or die trying" attitude.

    Hang in there.
  14. by   nuangel1
    you'll do fine study and retake the exam in jan.