I am so UNHAPPY!!!

  1. I am at a loss....I have been on the same floor for @ 6yrs now and it has gone to hell in a hand-basket! I feel like I work with a bunch of 2yo's, no enforcement by managment it seems, but yet we are suppose to enforce and give written reprimands as a permanent charge nurse...patients who beat the crap out of us, pt's who are the most ungrateful leeches I have ever come across, lack of staff (we need min of 6 without a float and right now we have 5...but oh NO we aren't closing any beds!!!!)...Dayshift has 8-9 staffed everyday plus 1 NA to 4pts and the ratio for nurses is also 1:4...that gives them 14-16 staff members counting the secretaries.....Nights is lucky to have 7 nurses and 2 aids, 1 secretary.......(there is a total of 24 pt's and it's a step-down ICU)...anyway...to top the gripes that most of us have..my ANM also told me that me going to school for my BSN is my own personal problem and she couldn't accomodate me just needing of one night/week for one of my classes and that I still need to work one shift above my hired position (which makes 7 total)....
    I need to move on I realize that...I just today called a Mgr on another floor to find out that she just filled her last position...another job that I would like won't be open until MAY....I don't think I can hang on that much longer....I am miserable and feel like bawling each time I have to go to work....I've considered taking a personal leave of absence, but I can't financially afford to....I hate that I am hating my JOB!....I love being a nurse..REALLY !!

    anyway...maybe I just needed to vent....b/c there is so much more to this, but I know you guys do not want to hear it all....
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  3. by   VickyRN
    I'm so sorry Altomga. I will be saying a prayer for you today. Have you tried talking to the UAP? What about another job on another floor besides the one you were looking at?
  4. by   Stephanie in FL
    I can relate to your post. I have been very unhappy at a few jobs.I know that it is hard to work and go to school at the same time. What about a student loan? When I was finishing my MSN, I applied for (and received) a student loan and worked part-time. You do not need to start paying off the loan until 6 mos. after you graduate and the interest can be claimed on your taxes (depending on tax bracket). Good luck! You can do it!

  5. by   jnette

    I hate to hear anyone sounding SO miserable. Definately time to move on before you let this destroy you.
  6. by   bellehill
    So sorry you are unhappy, it is hard to go to work knowing you are in for a rough night. I used to work in NC and was considering coming back, which hospital are you at? I took out max on school loans while I was in school just to get me through. Get out of the situation and be happy being a nurse again!
  7. by   canoehead
    I would be nixing that extra shift you are helping your manager with, if only for your own sanity. One hand scratches the other, but only for so long if it's a onesided agreement. Your request was more than reasonable, and losing that extra shift will give you more time for family, less for the burnout that you'll be heading to if you don't set some limits.
  8. by   altomga
    I would LOVE to nix the extra shift, but unfortunately "they" will flex you up to fill holes. The student loan won't pay my bills or feed my 3 children unfortunately. And the hospital only has tuition reimbursement.
  9. by   Tweety
    I'm sorry things are so bad for you there. Knowing when to leave and let go is going to be very important to you in the upcoming days. Honor yourself above and beyond any degree, any manager, or any unit. There's lots of other units and managers out there. I've had to leave bad units twice, one unit I was on for seven years. Fortunately got to stay in the same hospital.

    Don't take no crap. Look around for what fills your needs. But most of all do what you have to do to take care of yourself. Hugs.
  10. by   plumrn
    I'm so sorry. There's nothing worse than going in to a job you hate. It's like spending time in prison. You have to get out of there, for the sake of your health. Good luck in your job search. We have all been there before. I'll say an extra prayer for you tonight that you will find just the right place. God bless.
  11. by   Loving Life
    I just had a talk with my manager. I told her I was very burned out with patient care. I will have my BSN next month and I will be looking. I worked on Peds. heme/onc BMT floor for 15 years. They say that the average burnout on a transplant floor is 5 years. She was very understanding. She actually called the Peds. clinic to let their mananger know I am looking. I want to stay with children. I had a very difficult teenager (patient) who died in the hospital it's a long story. I never gave so much of myself mentally and physically. I have not been the same. It's been 2 years. Now that i have my BSN (soon to have) I have the confidence to pursue another career. I told my manager that I could barely make it in. I know how you feel. You know in your heart when you must leave. I have found that mental health and family is more important than money. Good luck to you.
  12. by   sjoe
    Surely there is more than one healthcare facility in North Carolina.
  13. by   lady_jezebel
    Where do you work? I used to live in NC, and attended nursing school there. My mom is a nurse in NC, and also not very happy...
  14. by   altomga
    yes there is more than one facility and that it what I am looking into right now...I already drive 40min to where I work now so what it another 20min or so right??? I work at the hospital in greenville lady Jezebel....
    I just really hate that the floor is making it so I don't like what I do for a living...and I love nursing....I will be glad when I get my BSN so I have more job opportunities available to me....
    I will hopefully be able to find something so I can leave this floor in <2 mos....
    Thanks again for letting me vent and all the words of encouragement!!! I appreciate it so much.