I am an aunt again.

  1. Well, the SIL's pregnancy is finally over. She went into preterm again on Thursday after taking castor oil on Wednesday (last). She pretty much spent the entire weekend in the hospital because her doctor wouldn't do anything to get her labor going. Well, she was discharged on Sunday. Then on Tuesday, her water broke at 0600. I took her to the hospital and she had maybe 5 contractions until 2 pm. She was then given Pit and she immediately went into active labor. Her baby was born at 5:39 pm. A little girl weighing 6.5 lbs, 20 inches long. Just the sweetest little thing since I had my son nearly two years ago. According to the Ballot test, the child was born between 34 and 35 weeks gestation. Her doctor said it was a blessing that they held off for those 4 days. I am very glad too. Because this child makes me nervous even though she is breathing on her own and breastfeeding well.

    I am so glad this ordeal with my SIL is over. I didn't know what a stress it was to me until after it was over. I can also tell you that if my SIL doesn't spoil this child, I know I will. . I was there for the birth and the second one to hold her. This poor kid...She only has her mom and no dad, and no extended family besides us. Her other two has a buttload of family here in town. I hate to say it, though I enjoy her other two, I just never developed a great attachment to them and I already have with this one.
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  3. by   NurseGirlKaren
    Glad everything turned out ok for them! Have fun with the little one.
  4. by   debyan
    Congrats, there is nothing like a freshly born baby, they smell so good, fit just right in your arms,such soft skin like velvet, the purest form of love. ahhh how I envy you. I don't believe you can love a baby too much. Fruit spoils, veggies spoil, but babies nah not babies deb
  5. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Congratulations on the "new auntie" status!!! I am really glad everything worked out ok for the new kiddo!
  6. by   TeresaRN2b
    Congratulations! Glad your niece is here and healthy!

  7. by   anitame
    I'm glad that baby was able to grow some more. It sounds like she will need you in her life. Congrats Auntie!!
  8. by   Tweety
  9. by   emily_mom
    Yay!!! I love babies! Congrats to you! What did she name her?

  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Congratulations, dear! I know it's been a harrowing few weeks for you. Thank good ness all appears ok. Best wishes to you and your family!
  11. by   New CCU RN
    Congratulations!!!! I just became an Aunty for the first time in October.....so I understand your excitement!!!!!! Sounds like the baby is doing well already..breastfeeding and all

    I def agree as well....can't spoil a baby!!!!!!
  12. by   hapeewendy
    yay ! congrats!
    and just think, by the time this kiddo can grasp concepts and whatnot your baid hair ordeal will be over!
    all the best to you and your family and the newest addition!
  13. by   RN always
    what an awesome Christmas present! Cheers!
  14. by   RRMLPN
    congrats!!! i'm glad everything turned out well.