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I was wondering how much states charge for renewal of licenses. I am an RN and Indiana charges $50 during the year in which you renew. We renew every other year in Indiana. LPN's in the even... Read More

  1. by   CaliNurse
    Hey WeSignificants,

    The next time you renew it will be $100.00.

    The RN board only requires $80.00. For those of you who renew via money order and certified mail you might try renewing online. I heard that you can do that now.

    Oh, yes and in California you also need 30 units of CEU'S for LVN or RN. This is very easy to obtain just at my facility. We have many opportunities to get these.

  2. by   rdhdnrs
    $55...$50 late fee
  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    In Louisiana, $45 a year, and it doubles if you send it in late (due Dec 31). You have to check off how many CEUs you have (first renewal, 0; full-time, 5; part-time and not working, I don't remember).

    If you send it in between Jan 1 and 31, you pay double and you have to have proof of your CEUs (late renewals are automatically audited).

    Not sure what happens if you don't get it in by Jan 31. I imagine you can't work and you have possibly stiffer penalties.

    I'm movin' to Arkansas, Zudy!
  4. by   kids
    WA State: $50 anually, due on your B-day...$100 late fee.
    OR State $100 or $110 QO year on B-day renewal is done odds & evens: odd year of birth=odd year of renewal.
  5. by   Stormy
    Annual fees are $278.20 in Alberta....but we do get a nice magazine (tongue in cheek)
  6. by   globalRN
    Stormy, I believe we get malpractice insurance with that as well.
    In BC, it was included with the RN fee but the fee was 300+ LAST YEAR.
    And membership in our national nurse association, the CNA.
    Most provinces include membership in the CNA with the dues; I believe only Ontario and Quebec do not. So you could say that the CNA represents more of the nurses in Canada than ANA represents in America.

    I just joined the AARN this year. Yeah, and it would cost me another 108 CDN on top of the 278 CDN to register as a nurse practitioner annually in Alberta. Still, the fees for BC and Alberta are higher than a lot of US states.

    In New Hampshire, it cost me less than 200 USD to register as a RN and APRN...and that is for two years.
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  7. by   hapeewendy
    whatever we pay its entirely too much....
    I think I paid $125 last year
    and that was only to the college of nurses of ontario
    here in this wonderful province we have 3 ppl to pay, the cno (colloge of nurses of ontario) , ONA (ontario nurses association) AND RNAO (registered nurses association of ontario)
    ONA Is another 50 bucks a month taken right off your paycheck, RNAO is a whopping 260 dollars a year
    but what can you do?
    sometimes I leave work, sit down and think that they should be paying us for our licenes , not vice versa......
  8. by   melissa24
    In Delaware, I think it is $70 or $75 every two years, plus 30 CEUs, plus a requirement of 200 hours practiced per year.

    In New York, $130 every three years.

    By the way...I am considering a move to Alaska...Is the pay any better up there to help offset that high fee?
  9. by   Mama Val
    215$ renewal and no magazine or insurance..gotta buy our own.
    Alaska pay depends on where your working. If you are out in the bush the pay is better but there is nothing to spend it on, city nurses make good wages but the prices here are outta this world:
    corrections lpn $19.82 hr but............
    milk 4.89$ gallon
    gas 1.61$ gallon
    bread 2.38$ loaf
    coke 1.79$ 1 litter
    nacho chips 4.50$ big bag
    rent 1200.00$ month 3bed, 1 1/2 bath house

    thats why I work 2 jobs
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  10. by   melissa24
    Thanks for the info MamaVal!

    Those prices are high, but not that much higher than where I am. Of course, I'm sure it all adds up when you are buying a week's worth of groceries and filling up the gas tank.

    My husband is military, and I am assuming items like groceries and gas would cost a little less on base. There may also be a cost of living adjustment in his check. I do have a couple of military friends up there that I could ask those kinds of questions. This just makes me want to go even more! I have longed to see Alaska for about three years now...

    Thanks again for your help!

  11. by   redbeak
    I am in the process of applying for my AK license by endorsement and here are the fees. $50 nonrefundable app fee, $215 license fee, $50 temp permit fee, and $59 fingerprint processing fee (cost me $40 to get the fingerprints and passport pic for the application). Also cost me $30 for the NURSYS license verification, though that was optional. Grand total $444 to practice nursing in the civilian sector of AK. Then I get to pay $215 in Nov 2008 for the biennial renewal fee. I was getting paid as much/hr in Pensacola, FL as I will be here. Something ain't right... Maybe we need more nurses up here. It's a good thing I love to fish.
  12. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    A 2007 permit to practice in Alberta, Canada and valid from October 1, 2006 to September 30, 2007 costs $381.60... or $255.67 for the period May 1 to September 30 (or any portion thereof). I'm going to estimate the 2008 fees will be about $475. For new registrations there is a $53.50 assessment fee, plus whatever the current jurisdiction charges for verification of registration. If you transfer in from another province the fee is reduced by the $50.29 already paid to the Canadian Nursing Association. Criminal records checks cost $25 at the local RCMP detachment or city police service.
  13. by   beckinben
    I just got an APN license in South Dakota by endorsement from another state. Here's what I paid:

    RN license:
    $100 licensure fee
    $44 fingerprint/background check fee
    $30 license verification from previous state
    fee for transcript showing BSN if the school charges one (mine didn't)

    Renewal is $90 q two years. No CEU requirement, but you have to show you worked a minimum number of hours in the last 6 years.

    APN license:
    $100 licensure fee
    $50 certification verification fee from national certifying body
    fee for transcript showing MSN if school charges one (mine didn't)

    Renewal is $70 q 2 years. CEUs as required to maintain APN certification.

    So paid out $324 total for ability to practice in SD, and it expires next year, so will be paying another $160 to renew. At least my employer is paying for this....
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