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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   katscan
    Rn, Bsn
    18 years
    school nursing in Ohio
  2. by   lookingforanurse
    I am working on a search for a nurse for Houston TX that is paying $45K a year plus O.T. Requirement is Bachelors in Nursing, hold a current license(RN)plus a minimum of 2 yrs. clinical exp. If you are interested, send me an e-mail and I will provide you with more info. They will pay for partial relo.

  3. by   Joybug

    5 years;
    4 years LTC, 1 year acute psychiatric
    work as supervisor at times, zero diff for anything
    last year $40,000 with a little overtime
    Twin Falls Idaho
  4. by   love2nurse
    RN for 10 years
    Specialty includes open heart recovery/surgery. Acute coronary care, cardiology office x 4yrs, now presently in cardiac rehab x1yr.

    Salary 42,000/yearly
  5. by   Candace
    14 yrs. experience
    Level II SCN, Columbus
    RNC-Inpatient OB
    (if certified in area you work-50 cents/hr.)
    $24.45/hr. doesn't include shift diff.: 15%nights and also w/e $2.50/hr. and $1.00/hr. charge. We also get benefits on top of this!
  6. by   e1260
    I work as a staff R.N. in a cardiac catheterization unit in Staten Island New York. I have 10 years experience and make $29 / hr.
  7. by   panda_181
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER:


    $18.54/hr, days, 8 hr. shifts

    2 years exp.

    8 hour shifts? I would love that! What state are you in again?

    Amanda )
    I'll graduate next year...

  8. by   greg in mass
    1.Position held.(RN,LVN/LPN)-------RN
    2.Years as a nurse.-----2
    3.Area of work.(M/S,ER,LTC,etc.)-------Psyche
    4.Current hourly wage.------$22/per hour (includes $2.50 shift/hour)...union still negotiating for $1.25/per hour for charge pay.

  9. by   sly
    Originally posted by Dplear:
    Pedi RN
    15 years
    Houston, texas
    92,000 a year as staff nurse
    I will grad. in may and would like to work in surg. Do yuo know if childrens hospital will hire new grads and train them in surg?Appreciate any info.Thanx
  10. by   Roberto
    Prn RN, pool nurse
    6 years licensed
    (started at $11.90/hr. full time as med/surg in 12/95)
  11. by   thg3
    Originally posted by plumrn:
    Calling all nurses! Just a quick poll.Please tell us your:
    1.Position held.(RN,LVN/LPN)
    2.Years as a nurse.
    3.Area of work.(M/S,ER,LTC,etc.)
    4.Current hourly wage.
    This should be interesting. Thanks.
    7 years
    picu, mother baby, peds, geriatric home health
    not nearly enough money and have since left nursing
  12. by   wiz4648
    Charge Nurse
    Rehab Hospital
    Night Shift, @ this facility slightly >1yr

    (this was a major increase in pay from the local hospital pay after 2 years of $14.79, also at night.)

    THE YELLOW BRICK: Nursing Site
  13. by   nurs4kids
    Pediatric RN
    6 years
    $17.75/hr + $3.75/hr nights shift diff+
    $1.00/hr Charge Pay
    Full Benefits
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