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  1. Anyone heard from Sammy ??

    NO, also concerned Tif
  2. This site is . . .

    DITTO... Learned a lot the last few days. A God dent for me
  3. How much do you make?

    LPN 18 years Developmentally disability Nursing...w/5 pts. 16.00 + 5% ea year and cost of living if any. 3/12 shifts Paid health,dental and vision plus the company contributes 8%of our income in to a retirement fund plus we can contribute to one als...
  4. Thanks... really need your input. [This message has been edited by Tif (edited April 14, 2001).]
  5. Emergency medication dosage calculator

    Thanks for the tip! Sorry no help on your ??. Tif
  6. Can a LPN Obtain ADN On-line??

    Thank you! I find DDNA really stessful because the Organization I work has NEVER had employed Nurses before. It was a big deal for us to call or fax a T/O order to the Pharmacy, they use to have us ask the Dr. to send it. I loved the people I work fo...
  7. Any one know if you can abtain ADN on-line if your an LPN? Also, any Developmental Disabilty Nurses out there?
  8. virual education

    I would like to know if any of you know of a college on-line that an LPN can obtain ADN online?
  9. virual education

    I'm new to the site and I was just wondering if there were any DDNA nurses out there?