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  1. Contracting MRSA

    Yes I am talking about methycillin resistant staph areus. I might should have used MRSA instead of MERSA. It has become a way to write an abbreviation. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Contracting MRSA

  3. How much do you make?

    1. RN staff nurse on staff 4yrs 2. 4yrs Rn, 4yrs CNA, 4yrs x-ray tech, 4yrs combat medic USArmy. 3. Base pay 12.75. There is shift diff 3%. Charge gets $.50. Benefits if you pay for them. There is PTO. And Major dis. 4. I make 13.85hr. CNAs in Me mak...
  4. Contracting MRSA

    I contracted Mersa in my hands and fought the initial infection for 6 months. During this time period I was also out of work. Not covered by Workmans Comp. Their view is that I could have contracted it anywhere. The main question I have is has anyon...
  5. Ending the cycle

    If this has been going on since nursing became nursing, then how come we can not find an answer to the question. How do we end the cycle. I am now in a position of change. Our hospital due to budget restraints and insurance problems, combined floors...