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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   ASU_Sdvls
    Hey independent rn:

    Just wondering how much hours you put in to get that $130,000. I used to work as a broker and made over six figures but I worked a lot of hours, so I probably averaged about $35 per hour.
  2. by   independent rn
    You are right...many hours but many tax advantages with the end of the year factoring everything in I averaged about $43.00/hr.
  3. by   giggly1977
    1. RN
    2. Just graduated in May 2002, took and passed my boards in July 2002.
    3. Telemetry/PCU/ICU
    4. Started at $20.51/hr, just got union raise and am now making $21.45/hr. Evening diff is $1.50/hr, Night diff is $3.00/hr, Charge is $1.50/hr. I work Nights and I will be training for charge at the end of April.
    I can't believe the differences in the pay rates. $13-18/hr, that is not enough for any nurse, whether RN or LPN. By the way I work in Massachusetts.
  4. by   JENZEL75
    5 YEARS
  5. by   TNcanNURSE
    Memphis TN LTC
    3 years experience
    16.20/hour + 6.00/shift diff = $22.20 per hour

    I'd like to add that I'm am working on my A.D.N.
    What is up with so many low paid RN's????
    I am expecting a raise!!! I can not believe some of these crappy pay rates for registered nurses!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   fancynancy
    26 yrs
    Telemetry unit/12 hr shifts.
    $32.00/hr plus benefits /Canadian dollars
    Community nurses make much less.......same job just a larger geographic area.
    greater Toronto area.
  7. by   nurseygrrl
    Long Island, NY
    full free benefits
    all the OT I can handle!

    Dang! We're underpaid!!
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Salary survey for Nursing 2003 magazine available here:

  9. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    3 years experience in neurosciences
    Earn 17,100 (plus unsocial hours pay) a year

    I think that's about US$28,000 -
    Arrgghhhh! I am feeling even more undervalued, but I love my job!
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  10. by   grneyes676
    < 1 year as a RN, 10 years in health care total, none of this counts towards my current pay.
    Med/Surg: Transplant/GI/Urology
    $20.18/hr + 1.25/hr shift(nights), we also get $200 quaterly bonuses and $2000 yearly bonus for working nights, I get 20 hrs PTO each month and I have great benefits; employer puts in double to retirement
  11. by   annarn42
    28.00 an hr 15 yrs on the job
  12. by   ~FloridaCCRN~
    1. RN - NW Florida
    2. New Grad
    3. ER
    4. 17.13/hr
  13. by   NuNurse2003
    1. RN
    2. 30 days- I was an LVN for 19 years.
    3. LTC - State Owned/ Calif.
    4. $27.13 / hr. (+ Full benefits)