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Just returned from trip to my mechanic. He charges $50.00 per hour. I am wondering how much you all feel you are worth per hour? Since I am not yet a nurse I will defer to the experts. Gerry... Read More

  1. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from heart queen
    NOT a flamed response :angryfire , meant in a non-agressive mannor.

    Hepatitis, TB, AIDS, MRSA, VRE, understaffed, can't teach you about your diagnosis and treatment, here... take your pills, my other patient is crashing.

    Your family member was just admitted post arrest, vented on a wall full of drips, You're told by me, quick update, don't desturb them, 'DON'T touch anything ! I'm in charge with 3 vented patients and a brand new staff. Admissions is hunting me down to take a code on the floor, I've yet to see my two other patients, my nurses are drowning now. You call me because you've watching the TV (heart monitor) and it beeped!

    Another family member, Three star alarm, room #3 has a HR of 30, and you stop me with the big red cart, angry that no doctor has talked to you in two days. My tech, tells you to leave, there is an emergency and you follow her to each room as she tries to clear out angry visitors, to help in a code, and you're demanding an update?

    Need I say "open ICU visitation"?, a crowd pleaser at best!

    I call the manager for more help, three patients out of ten on their heads crashing, and a balloon pump is sitting in the hallway from the cath lab. The cath nurse refuses to stay, "waited long enough", but you've not even transfered the stepdown patient out of their bed... wasn't a priority. There is not even a room for the pt. Manager tells me to "suck it up, there's no additional help". We need 7 nurses, we have 4.

    New nurse left monitoring the patients while you code, insert TVP, IAPB at bedside tell you pressure in #1 is 50, with a deer in the head lights look.

    You look at the clock, it's only been two hours since you've punched in.

    Not an exaggeration, just a day at the valley.

    How much?..... Not enough

    Forget the $$$, I'm here to care for my patients, JUST LET ME BE ABLE TO DO THIS!. give me adequate staffing to give proper care for my patients period. The rest will fall into place.

    Not an angry rant, just a day in my life, two hours actually. Again, if management provided adequate staffing, my current salary would be adequate. and I'm not even asking for a raise

    Current conditions... write a blank check
    Excellent points, excellent post.
  2. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I've been trying to figure that out. I'm going to my NM and asking for a raise.

    I went to and found that I make almost exactly the median wage for RNs in my speciality and geographical area. I chose to be part-time and not get benefits. However, the way it's worked out, I am working full time.

    So, when you add the benefits package, it adds $17,312. to the total compensation package, meaning my wage short-fall is $17,312. I am printing this all out, typing a letter and taking it to my NM.
  3. by   WyomingRN
    Quote from Mantibob
    Would your husband be willing to sell me a soft copy of the contract and I could modify for my own uses?
    Just go to my web page and e-mail a request for it. He will send you a reply with it attached.
  4. by   TinyNurse
    wow heart queen!!! beautiful/sad post!!!
    I'm not a charge nurse, but I see it mostly the same as you in the ER.
    Weird, but I just think of my patients.. never the money, even when the check comes..... it's enough, it pays the bills and then some, never really considered the "work" I do, and the pay.
    xoxo Jen
  5. by   darinda
    Hi! I have thought of that very question when I'm hanging multiple drips, monitoring multiple lines, assisting a physician with procedures, etc.... and to think that my mechanic makes more than I do. Wheres the justice? You do it because it's in your blood and you can't think of anything else you'd rather do. (except some days when I'd like to be asking if they would like to super-size their order!)
  6. by   Alnamvet
    Assuming no overhead costs, given the incredible responsibility and liabilty I have, no less than $75/hour.