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How many tries did it take you to get your nusing lisence? Do u think academic grades or clinical grades have any reflections on how people do on board exams? Thank you in advance. nursing... Read More

  1. by   tiffanyhrn
    I was a B student all through school and I struggled hard with the boards. It took me 4 times. I was not alone however. There were 13 out of 34 who did not pass the first time. I know my stuff, I am just not a good test taker in those kinds of situations.

  2. by   Jamesdotter
    I took the two day test and waited for the results. At that time (in my state, at least) if you passed, the ENVELOPE was addressed to "Miss A. Nurse, RN", so you didn't even have to open it.
  3. by   MelRN13
    I passed the LPN on the first try, 85 questions. I about $h!* when the computer shut off, good thing there was a LaSeniorita's right next to Sylvan.......hopefully I have as much luck this year on the NCLEX-RN.
  4. by   LadyT_RN
    I graduated in May 24th of 2002, I had started a senior student nurse worker position on June 3, 2002. With this position, they make your schedule almost 6 weeks in advance so while I was waiting for my authorization to test I had a pretty air tight schedule to complete. I got my ATT in July but had to finish out all of July and August of my work schedule before I could request 10 to 15 days off to do some serious studying. I requested from Sept. 14 to Sept.24 off rationalizing a serious study schedule within that period of time as well as thinking I would be able to test on Sept 20. Well, when I called to schedule my test on Sept 9, for Sept 20, there were no more slots in Sept, or Oct, except for Sunday Sept 15. I tentatively took that spot but called all over California to see if there were any other spots that would accomadate my study schedule. --There was none, Sept 15 was the only spot. So there I was unprepared, no study time under my belt and facing the NCLEX in SIX days, (with a full schedule of work for that week, Remember I had requested Sept. 14-24 off) I crindged and buckeled up for the most hectic 6 days of my life. Work from 7am - 3:30 pm, and study from 4:30pm - 10:30 or 11pm all 5 nights. I was absolutely nervous and frazzled. When Sunday morning got there I got up early, had a light breakfast, all the while praying "Lord Help me to Chose the Right answers on this test, Help me to pass" As I was filling out my registration papers at the testing center my first twinge of complete nervousness and butterflies erupted in my stomach as my pulse started quickening. I took a few deep breaths, prayed more furiously, closed my eyes and said to my self "You can do this, and you will do this just calm down, what's all the excitement for?" This slowed my pulse and almost stopped the butterflies. As I sat in front of the computer, I once again prayed to a higher being, took a deep breath, and began testing!! Then all of a sudden even before the computer stopped me for my first break, the darn thing SHUT OFF at 75 questions!! I tried to push a few more buttons to get the darn thing back on, but all it said was "Thank You for testing with us please fill in this assessment form of our testing center" Complete and udder panic came over me, I said Only 75 questions You must be kidding everyone else was still pecking away at the key boards. Well I signed out ran out to the car, threw my hands up and shouted "You are an RN!! Thank you Jesus!" Well I had found out about a website that you could check to see if you had passed your boards even before you got your results by mail. People that were in my graduating class had gotton their results within 4 days. So by day 4, I was at the website typing in my name. NO it's not there, day 5, day 6, day 7, day 11 I was a wreck, my name was not on the internet, nothing in the mail, I was completely heart broken!! Day 12 came and went then on day 13, I was so dispondent that I came home plopped on the couch and cried. I said without even looking on the computer "Oh well girl, there is always a next time, you did your best!!" Well when my 13 year old son came home he asked "Mommy, did you check to see if your name was on the website yet?" I said "no, It's probably not going to be there!" He says " well I'll check it for you" I still was sitting on the couch when he gets to the website and says Nope I don't see your name" (Mind you we had been to this website everyday sometimes more than once a day and we had said that if my name showed up, it would be under this certain other ladys name by the way it was spelled). So he says no It's not here, then all of a sudden he says my last name, my first name, then my middle name very slowly. I continued to sit thinking he was joking with me, and he says "Mommy, your name is here", I say "you're just trying to make me feel better" he says "no, Here it is it's not under that ladys name it is right here because you have a hyphen in your name, so its further down, come and look!!!" Well needless to say I ran over and he pointed it out to me and I screamed for joy!!! All that was explained to say that, "Yes I passed my boards on the first try!!"

    Anything is possible with a little faith!:roll
  5. by   beth davis
    Most educated people can pass this exam in one try. The only ones I know who failed had trouble with the English language.
  6. by   rowbucks
    i had to take the last written test 11 years ago. took it in august. didn't get results until december. the lingest 4 months of my life!!!!!
  7. by   chelli73
    PLEASE, PLEASE, I don't want to know this stuff!!!!!! I am going to be so freaked out if I go past question no. 75, when I sit for my NCLEX!!!! Why are you people freaking me out???!!!! Yet, I cannot pry my dancing pupils away from this monitor!!!!! HAHAHA! I am a 2nd sem. ADN student and I am so scared of the NCLEX, it is unbelievable!!!!!! MAN!!!!! STOP!!!!! I cant take it much longer!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! By the way we took our first big exam last week, out of 32 only 7 passed--I WAS ONE OF THEM!!! BUT I AM STILL FREAKING OUT by this da*m number 75!!!!!
  8. by   oldnewnurse
    One of our instructors told us the dean had received a letter from the BON saying that they were changing the NCLEX to include fill in the blank questions. She said this was to begin 6-03. I have heard this from only one Ohio instructor.
  9. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by KP RN
    One time only!! Back in 1988, we didn't have the computer test. Sat in a huge auditorium in one hundred degree heat for 2 days! Many folks ended up passing out on the floor!
    Yikes!! This almost sounds like stories my Grandpa would tell me how he had to walk 40 miles to school each day!!
    This is freaky. I took my boards in Cleveland (downtown) that exact same year. Small world!
  10. by   dadrn
    1 for LPN and 1 for RN. Also was the only male in the class to pass the first time. Felt pretty good.
  11. by   LilgirlRN
    I took mine in 1987, 2 day event. So long ago they gave you a score. 1600 was passing, I made 2553
  12. by   MrsK1223
    I took it once and passed and had to take the ENTIRE test. My instructors told me that the test ending early or toward the end doesn't mean can still fail when it quits at any point...I think its very random. Needless to say I sat there for a few hours felt like the whole day taking that dag-gone test....but all that counts is that I passed. This was in 2001 on computer.
  13. by   Rustyhammer
    Two day test in the fall of '85
    Tacomadome in Washington.
    3 to a table, no jewlery allowed, short sleeved shirts.
    Test nazis walking around the tables.
    Better hold your urine til lunch cause you aint gonna go pee!
    We went to lunch at Denny's and I left my testing card on the table and had to speed back and they had already cleared the table but I found it in the trash can by the dishwasher and raced back and they were just locking the doors.
    I would have had to wait 6 months to take it again.
    oh..Passed the first time but it took 3 months to find out and I was about the last to get my notice.