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Good morning...I am considering taking CNA courses in June, and I was wondering how many nurses on this board started out as CNA's before becoming a nurse? Thanks, Cryssi... Read More

  1. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i was a nursing assistance prior to becoming an lpn and have 5 weeks before finishing rn school.
  2. by   msrn
    I was a CNA shortly before and during nursing school. It made basic nursing skills (like making a bed with a patient in it) a breeze. Also, I really appreciate how hard CNAs work since I had the experience myself!
  3. by   NCDiane
    In NC you MUST be a CNA before you can be an RN!
  4. by   pgrsctrn2be
    Started as a CNA, started LPN school 8 monthes after becoming a CNA and now graduating from RN in 3 days!!! May 14th.
  5. by   StacyKingRN
    Nope. Was never a CNA. Graduating RN in June.
  6. by   Gompers
    Worked as a CNA during college - took the test after my sophomore year intro to nursing class/clinical. Like other have said, it's a great experience. Not only do you get more comfortable with basic nursing skills and hospital routines, you also are able to put yourself in your CNA's place later on when you become an RN. Plus it looks excellent on your resume once you graduate.
  7. by   pokey sn
    Yes. I was a CNA for eight years. i had only planned to be a CNA until I finished my first degree but I found that I made more money as a CNA than in the Human Services field. Eventually I went back for my RN degree (officially recieve it on May28th) because I found the human connection was more more satisfying in the nursing role.
    If you are considering CNA, work in a hospital as a tech. i think you'll learn more.
  8. by   luv your nurse
    QUOTE=Cryssi]Good morning...I am considering taking CNA courses in June, and I was wondering how many nurses on this board started out as CNA's before becoming a nurse?


    I am currently a "TP" technical partner which is similar to a nurses job description at my hospital, and i have learned so much at the bed side, and the runing around, and prioritizing and dealing with all sorts of patients, and how things work at the hospital and so on..the best part is that i am half way through my nursing school, and i get to learn so much since im working in the ICU, and it helped me realize that this is what i want.
  9. by   Brendy
    Was a cna for 10 yrs before becoming an RN...I have great respect for the good cnas Ive worked with..and never hesitated to lend them a hand.
    Some nurses treated the cnas like crap and that bothered me alot, I knew first hand what the job entailed and I think that having been a cna helped me when I went to nursing school especially with basic assessment skills.
    I also experienced being treated like dirt by some nurses and I vowed I would never treat my cnas like that.
    Ive always had the respect of my cnas because I respected them.
    Its a tough job and perhaps one of the most underappreciated of them all.
  10. by   minnieme104
    I was a nurses aid for 4 years before going to LPN school
  11. by   warhawk
    I was a CNA for 4 years, HHA for 1 year, and an LPN 4-5 years. I will B officially celebrating my 1st year as an RN this coming July. I must say that being a CNA helped me w/ being a LPN and now RN. In my opinion... I feel that one must B a CNA B4 being a nurse. It helps establish a foundation and gives an idea if U would be interested in becoming a nurse.

    I just want 2 say that I luv being an RN. It has its many stressful moments (working short, demanding/whiny pt's, demanding family members, and among other things. But the feeling that I'm helping someone is a "high" 4 me. I hope that all these new & upcoming RNs or LPNs feel the same way 'bout nursing as I do.

  12. by   chemo9103
    was a cna for 4 years while working toward my rn
  13. by   busyrninva
    I was a CNA long before I was a nurse. It helped tremendously! I took classes while working, and it helped me so much. Plus I know what it's like for the CNA's on our floor.
    Don't really recommend you work as an aid where you want to practice as a nurse though. Alot of times people will always see you as the "CNA" and too more pressure will be added on you and you might feel as they are watching you more closely. But then again, don't worry about others, just shine in your career and enjoy all the benefits.