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As a new graduate, I would periodically have the classic dream that represented my feelings of ill-preparedness. In my dream, I would get to about 6pm in my shift and "realize" I had forgotten to... Read More

  1. by   moonshadeau
    I always dream and appalled in the dream that I have realized that I missed my morning med pass even though I know it is my day off.
  2. by   MrsK1223
    When I worked 3rd shift at a psych hospital, I used to have a nightmare that I fell asleep during my shift (i was the infirmary nurse that took care of the psych pts with medical probs) which was a huge no no. The intense panic I would feel would make me literally nauseas....I would get up so fast that I would just get dizzy and it would take me a minute or two to realize that i was just dreaming. I did this almost every day for a long while and I thought I would go insane, pardon the pun.
  3. by   boggle
    Originally posted by nurse2002
    [ I also have one where I am assigned a new patient and noone tells me about it until the end of the shift. And while I have these dreams I hear constant beeping, sounds like a pump or maybe a call light. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP [/B]

    EEEK. That's my dream!!!!! I'm usually rushing past a room and just glance in and then realize that's one of my patients that I haven't seen at all. The feeling of panic in the dream is sooo real.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    Originally posted by P_RN
    Yes me too. Now it's been 29 years since I graduated and 3 years since I've worked. Im just like Disablednurse......never be able to work again....the dream must mean something.

    Unfulfilled desires?

    And I hear the beep of pumps all the time.
    Suspect it's something more like PTSD...:roll

    I have 'em now and had 'em while I was off recuperating...vent alarms going off, nobody to help you, lost all the paperwork, etc.

    Must be a nurses' 'universal nightmare' based on reality, eh? LOL
  5. by   cindylouwho
    I ususally have nurse-mares of me having my hands around doctors or managements throats.......I think I'll go see the movie anger management this week....hmmm