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I am interested in how many of us have considered changing professions and why? For myself I have thought about going back to school to get a computer science degree for many different reasons...... Read More

  1. by   LasVegasRN
    I went off to college with the intent on become a disc jockey and owning a radio station. I got there, got to the dorm, sat down, thought about it, and said, that's not going to get me anywhere anytime fast. Now, women are all over the airwaves. Sometimes I wonder...... what if??
  2. by   sandstormsdust
    I want to experience lots of 'careers' in the med field - I hope to take the PSW course then go to LPN then on to RN then to MD and then if I am still young and restless - maybe specialize off of there... dream about lots of certifications along the way - with tones of night courses..... Student loans just don't scare me.... pay one off get another... in the end maybe teach... travel and do nurseing / MD work in the third world... come home and study and work more... for the next field and then retire at a later age with my kids doing the same type of thing... but that is there choice.... A lotto would only make paying the student loan off a little easier.... or give me a place to call home when I am away at school or overseas.....
  3. by   micro

    If you are sane and you are a caring,giving person.......
    you would not be "normal" to not have said"What the heck am I doing this for?"

    nurses give so much of themselves, and noone and i mean noone knows what they do and we cannot document to all that we do or it would truly be the "Hotel California"

    I am just so glad that the majority of us stay and that also there are people out there that are "knowledgeably" coming into our ranks to join us.........

    because as nurses, we all care for the human and the human condition? YES? :-)

    and micro for one is human, even though i have my moments.......:-S
  4. by   catlady
    Originally posted by canoehead
    Right now I would like to be a bank teller- very defined expectations, and you take as long as you need to with each person to complete the transaction. I could do that.
    I spent a college summer as a bank teller. Lousy pay, and you may take as long as you need to, but you're graded on how many transactions you complete. I used to panic when this one woman always brought in a huge paper bag of loose bills and coins to deposit. It took forever, and only counted as one transaction. No errors are allowed, of course. We were not allowed to sit down, either. Must have been good practice for nursing....
  5. by   nrsegoodi2shoes
    Do you remember when I said that and went to school for a computer science degree?? Well it didn't quite work out that way and I ended up in the nursing field again! And how long have you been saying you want to change professions?? How old are you??
    Times a wasting!!
  6. by   jayna
    My last clinical nursing was september 2001. Now working for WHO assisting MOH in policy development and some craps(very beaurecratic country here arrghh).
    I like to take up Public health, Adolescent health.
    But But I still love nursing and am still thinking. Got 4 options to choose from til August 2002. Renew contract (which they asked me to but ????) back to school or back to clicnical nursing again.

    I need lots of thinking to do.
  7. by   nakitamoon
    Different profession and why?????????
    Oh yeah!!!! A friend and co worker and I have just last month became partners and purchased a lounge/bar,,,,,,,,,
    Why,,,,,, time to have fun!!!!!!!
    Though for many years,,,we both will have to continue to work in nursing,,,,, it will be prn,,,, when we choose,,,,,,,,
    Love nursing,,,,,,patient care,,,,,,, but need something less stressful and FUN,,,,,,,,,,,
    Looking forward to inspections only by healthdept,,,,, inside of entire state and federal government,,,,,,,,,, lol,,,,,,,,,,,
    Stop complaining and get off your butt,,,,,,,,,, words of wisdom by a great friend,,,,,,, my hubby,,,,,,,,, Have had a smile on ever since,,,,,,,,,, Have a great one,,,,,,peace

    By the way ,,,,,,,, will be inviting you all to grand opening !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   nakitamoon
    should of read instead of ,,,,,,,,,,, and not inside,,,,,,,,,,lol
  9. by   jayna
    But but I still love Nursing, so am now thinking of going back to the hospitals.
  10. by   micro
    Hey to Jayna and all,
    Once a nurse, always a nurse, no matter where you find yourself..........especially if you are connected to the health care field and people helping services........
    Jayna, travel and come on over here for a bit.........wherever you go people will be grateful for having you touch them........
    and to all, stay where you are is you are happy and content even if not all days, but if you are TRULY UNHAPPY.......leave get out, it is not worth it to yourself, your psyche, and your career..........

    love to all and glad to nurse in this world with you
  11. by   grouchy
    Jayna, I was fascinated to see someone from Oceania post here, and I'd love to hear more about what you do. It sounds interesting, and not like anything i've ever done.
  12. by   grouchy
    I used to want to deliver the mail. I figured I'd lose alot of weight with all that walking. And the exercise would be a stress reliever, despite the weather and the dogs. (I couldn't figure out why mailmen "go postal" and nurses don't!) Then, Sept. 11th and the anthrax attacks happened. Boy, was I relieved I didn't live out that little fantasy!

    Sometimes I wish I was a waitress again, because I'd be a hell of alot better at it now,(better memory and faster due to my nursing experience) than I was then.

    Some days I just want to go live in the woods like Thoreau. But only if I have internet aceess ;>
  13. by   shay
    Yes. Every day.

    I want to be a full time mommy and a master gardener. Paul James is my hero.

    Nursing is so physically and mentally draining some days. Came home tonight feeling like a zombie. Get to wake up early and do it ALL OVER again tomorrow.

    Tired of the danger of lawsuits, the constant run, run, run of some days........the working holidays and nights and weekends and whenever else the general public is off. Tired of knowing that even when there's 2 feet of snow on the ground and my hubby is warm and snuggled in our bed, the national guard will be coming to pick me up and take me to WORK.

    I love and hate my job.
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