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Hi all, Well at my one place they just posted something stating that since they are so short on PCTs that the RNs will be responsible for doing their first set of vitals. This, I feel is insane. ... Read More

  1. by   flyRN150
    Getting your own vitals isn't a big deal. I agree it's part of your assessments. I do most of my own stuff on my pt's anyway. That way I know it was done, and done correctly. You can do it with good organization and time management.
  2. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from Renee' Y-Y
    I've always done my own vitals...I see them as another component of my assessment. I see some of the vitals that get charted by CNA's & am embarrassed some of those numbers even make into the chart.
    I agree. I prefer to do my own vitals.
  3. by   kyti
    I get all my own vs but I work pacu, all rn's one lpn so it's not the same. When I worked ICU sometimes I got my own vs and sometimes I didn't. When I worked med/surg. the cna always got the routine vs. I rechecked any abnormals or if pts had c/o that needed vs. I tried not to abuse my cna's because I used to be one and worked with a lot of lazy nurses that would spend 1/2 hr looking for me(while I was doing vs or turns) to tell me to put someone on the bedpan! :angryfire I vowed I would never be like that. I hope I'm not
  4. by   phyrenrain
    I work in a rehab unit, we do our own vitals. On nights, if there is an aid working, the PP floor or med/surg floor will pull that aid to do vitals or I/O's even when they are very well-staffed and sitting on their rumps....Pretty pathetic, huh??????????
  5. by   phyrenrain
    Good for you NURSEKATYDID!! I'm an LVN and I can't stand to see nurses abuse the CNA's and techs! Glad to see you stand up for yourself. It's a different story if nurses are actually busy doing pt. care, but.....
  6. by   phyrenrain
    Sadie, had a dangerous experience a long time ago when I gave a BP med to someone who was already hypotensive and I didn't know it:imbar . Since then I ALWAYS check pressures before giving BP meds.

    Quote from Sadie04
    On my unit we usually do our own vitals, blood sugars, baths, linen changes, etc. We do "team nursing" with LPNs or CNAs. I like knowing what my temps and BPs are esp. when you're giving BP meds, it's easier than looking for the CNA to ask what the BP was.
  7. by   2muchfun
    A group of "residents"' were examining my pt for admission. (i work ER). She was pleasently confused, sitting up, alert affect and mostly appropriate in response. Suddenly, there was a big hoo-ha in the room, the residents franticly trying to find who was her nurse, her BP has dropped to a SBP of 40, OMG we need a fluid bolus stat. So I walk in, look at the pt, whoever put her back on the monitor after XR put a huge cuff on her skinny arm that had loosened all the more. Calmly, I reached in a drawer, got a smaller cuff, tightened it on her arm and cycled the BP again...aha SBP in the 1-teens. I just look at the baby doctors and say, "there you go" and walked out. As a rule, i vital my own pts.
  8. by   Baby Catcher
    . I just look at the baby doctors and say, "there you go" and walked out. As a rule, i vital my own pts.[/QUOTE]
    I love it! I bet you walked out with a spring in your step.
  9. by   bellehill
    It is so much help if the techs get the first set of vitals and on my floor they do all the vitals. I work neurosurgery and these patients need q1h vital signs for 4 hours. If the tech is busy I have no problem getting them, but if I had to do them it would literally take me hours to accomplish this one thing (can't walk in the room without being given a list of patient requests). I don't consider myself a lazy nurse and I do all I can to help but it is their job. They can't pass my meds when I am 2 hours behind passing them myself. Thankfully our techs are awesome and very easy to work with!
  10. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I plan on doing my own vitals, and only asking a tech or CNA to do it if i'm in a real crunch. It'll be part of my shift assessment.
  11. by   suzanne4
    What actually works out well is that vitals are on 6A-10A-2P-6P etc rotation.
    Nights does their set at 6A and it gets posted. When I would help out in tele or PCU, it was quite nice to see those already done, including the mroning blood sugars and when I was doing my assessment at 8A I could recheck anything that looked peculiar while I was with the patient. Most of the time I would always do my own vital signs later throughout the day. Good time to get an evaluation in of your patient during the time the cuff is going up, etc.

    For a morning with 4-5 patients, remember monitored beds, report form 7 to 7:30, grab linens for each bed and check in on each patient, are IVs okay and how are their respirations. Go back and get them all up to get washed, if able, get assessment done during that time, perfect when legs are dangling and they are sitting up. Up to chaif for breakfast, and bed made during that time. Everyone is happy, and you are ready for any emergencies that may happen later on during the day. This way, my assts were there to help patients when they actually needed something and not being left to just run from here to there. Works much smoother that way.

  12. by   kimmicoobug
    I work med-surg and I often get VS on my patients. Reason being is that there are some senior nurses whose patients always take priority over mine. So, unless I want to wait over an hour and a half to get my pt's VS, I will do them myself. I like to get VS just so I know what they are at that time. However, there are some nights where me and an aide will get teamed together (no sharing the aide with another nurse) and it is great. Easier for the aide, and we will often see the patient at the same time and toilet, or turn the patient together, and I get to see the VS as we go.
  13. by   redwinggirlie
    We have a tech who does vitals and blood sugars. I am always charting my assessment while they get the vitals. If something's amiss, then I do it myself to be sure.