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So, I just applied to SFSU for a 2nd bach in Nursing and I am GOING crazy. :uhoh3: :eek: My friend (who just graduated with a BSN last year) said she would be surprised if I got in on the first... Read More

  1. by   Spidey's mom
    First try - and the first (and last) year they did a lottery. Made me very mad that I didn't get in on my merits.

  2. by   Thedreamer
    I waited 2.5 years myself. Had enough time to get my entire AS in nursing AND all the extra chem/math/bio id need for a BSN program. I then started an EMT program after I got my AS. I finished that and went to my local LPN program who has a 2 year waiting list. They let me use my EMT to clep the first term and the 2 year waiting list, and I started as a 2nd term student. Ive been in love with the hospital since! Its my second home! I graduate in oct and hope to be in an RN program by january! Keep it up, youll get into a program. Just work hard, and dont loose faith.
  3. by   Always Learning, RN
    I was accepted on the first try, as were most of my classmates. We do have a wait list, a looooong one, but those on the wait-list are reconsidered each semester.

    I attend a 4 year where you are not allowed to apply until the semester that you are finishing your last pre-reqs. All pre-reqs must be completed with a C or better or currently in progress with a good review from your current instructors. There are about 50 spots available each semester, and over 150 applicants each semester with two classes every year.

    It is a merit based system, and I have been told by my advisor the average GPA to get in is a 3.4, although a 2.0 is the minimum requirement. I do know several people who got in off of the wait-list.

    It seems that the wait-list is re-organized each semester based on merit as well because I know people who were accepted off of the wait list in the same semester they applied and others that have been on the list for many semesters.

    I will graduate in December 07 :mortarboard:, while I am very excited about this I also find it a little scary . Anyone else a bit nervous about graduating and being out on your own?
  4. by   doggybour
    Hi every one am new and also persueing Nursing. Could anyone give me more information. Do nurses actually work overtime or is it mandatory. Thanks.