How is this fair?

  1. Just wanted to get some opinions on this and am hoping everyone feels the same as myself and the rest of the staff where I work.

    What do u all think of a boss who says she can't work the day after x-mas b/c she doesn't have a sitter? I was so mad and wanted to ask her what about the rest of the staff who have children and daycare is closed??? Now she just informed us that she doesn't have a sitter for Jan 2nd too!!! So, this means she will be off x-mas eve, x-mas day, dec 26, ny eve and day and the day after!!!

    I know some of u may think this is petty but I'm just really ticked off right now about this. I understand there are perks to being a NM but sheesh, have a little consideration for your staff!!! I know of someone who doesn't know how she is going to work her scheduled shift the day after thanksgiving due to no sitter but was told she has to be there or find someone to switch. Why is is that all of a sudden when u become a NM that you can make up all these stupid rules but somehow they just never apply to yourself??!!!

    Ok, there, I'm done with my vent. Opinions much appreciated.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Sorry about this. No, its not fair. And...the NM should not have said anything about her sitter issues. That is her private life and she doesn't need to be sharing this with anyone.

    I know all about working holidays. Even as an advanced practice nurse, someone must work the holidays. Its never fun but its gotta be done.
  4. by   Noahm
    Have you guys ever tried getting a sitter around the holidays? Family doesn't count. Some people don't have any around at all.

  5. by   traumaRUs
    Yes, I have tried to get sitters around the holiday fact I have done it for several years in a row when my kids were little. I know it is not easy. However, it just comes with the territory of being a mom.

    When our kids were little, sometimes hubby or I would take turns asking for different holidays off so that one of us were there with the boys. Other times, I worked nights (for many years) and then hubby worked days and we just didn't see each other. Neither of these situations were that great but they did get us through when our kids were little.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Being a manager is no easy task. Telling someone they CAN'T have off is the hardest part of my job I've found. Like trauma, my DH and I alternated holiday scehdules, I worked eve, nights and 12/12 WE shift with minimal babysitting coverage from neighbor's and no grandparent's to help.

    NM do get a little more flexability in days off, hrs arriving and departing but also get the lovely job of filling in for staff shortages too in many facilities.

    If NM coverage in facility is mandatory and NM doesn't schedule coverage, then they are sending entirely wrong message to staff.......and shouldn't be supprised when call-outs occur those days.
  7. by   santhony44
    My management stint was in industry, in occupational health, not in the hospital. My boss made it very clear that if my nurses were expected to be at work, so was I. I probably would have been allowed to schedule a vacation around one holiday but not all three (and I didn't take any extra time off). That was really true of all management- if your employees worked, so did you.

    I no longer have to work holidays but I do take call (I work in a clinic and we're closed).

    When I worked in the hospital, though, I would have had the greatest respect for a manager who occasionally showed up on a shift other than days, a weekend, or a holiday. I'm not sure why that's not part of the management philosophy in the hospital setting.
  8. by   Tweety
    Her mistake was offering her "excuse" for not working because as you say, it invites other people so claim the same thing. She should have taken the days off without having to explain to you why, it's not your business.

    My manager has to work 4 hours as house supervisor on Xmas Day but has all the holidays off and the days after.

    Her unit, the one I work on is open 24 hours a day during the holidays and it's up to us, not her to staff during those hours. I don't begruge her having a few bennies because otherwise her job sucks.
  9. by   wannabemw
    Bravo! traumaRUs!!! I admire parents who tag-team parent so they can avoid (or lessen the need) for a sitter. My dh & I did this also.

    As for single parents: this would be why I personally would chose to live near family (so they could help). But, then again, family isn't always available!


    OP: I agree the NM should have kept quiet.
  10. by   BSNtobe2009
    Sounds like a scam. HER BOSS needs to tell her to call a local professional nanny service and have someone come in. If you REALLY need someone, you can find them. Those people are pre-screened, drug tested, and usually come with a list of references. People traveling with children sometimes hire them to do "hotel" jobs when one parent cannot stay with them, so they will call a local nanny service to send someone to the hotel to stay with their children in the room. That's what my neighbor does.

    Considering your manager is screaming this a month in advance...MAJOR scam.
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  11. by   Mulan
    "rank has its privileges"
  12. by   destiny5
    Amen Tweety. I think that was the NM's first and biggest mistake. She should have never told her staff why she's not comming in to work.People tend to have tunnel vision--and they probably forgot the several times in the last 12 months the NM stayed late or covered for someone. She probably thought they would understand---oops. At the hospital I used to work at we alternated holidays, and you knew well in advance what you were working and were expected to work.-- I'ts just the nature of the business. I used to work retail--nights and I worked "EVERY" holiday--- so I never got to see my out of town family (which was everyone) until --I got another job. I understood it and I accepted it, I wasn't blind sided. I'm sure my store manager took a few days off or a week, who knows I was too busy fulfilling my known obligation.
  13. by   Pompom
    And management wonders why us peons call off.
    Wow, that is definitely not fair or reasonable. When I was a head nurse for just a few yrs. I had to work every other holiday and fill in others if it meant someone else needed a break. What is your hospital"s policy? Is there a higher authority you can discuss it with? Babysitting around the holidays is a challenge and there is sure to be a lot of infighting among the staff if the manager can't be any more reasonable. :smilecoffeeIlovecof