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how do you deal with a student that you do not like? i am doing well in the course, but i have clashed w/my instructor on many occassions. i have tried several time to work things out with this... Read More

  1. by   JacelRN
    Hi Fivestar,

    All that the others have posted is great advice. If you are graduating soon, then learn what you can and get outta there! :hatparty: I know several of my friends despised how a certain professor treated her pet students and then turned around to shun the rest of us. Despite everything I hugged her at graduation, a sort of..."yes I can forgive you for being such a jerk."

    If you are still in school for next semester, not sure of your situation, then definitely learn from it. Ask questions to this professor, be a scholastic thorn in her side and remind her she is there to TEACH you and at the same time, remember she is paid to do so. Make the best of the situation and do not let her intimidate you nor ruin what great learning experiences you can have during school.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    God Bless,
  2. by   Rapheal
    In school I was targeted to be "weeded out." I was singled out and bullied. I worked hard to win over the 2 instructors who targeted me. I won them over and then they moved on to their next victim. Just be invisible when you need to be, and know your stuff. Avoid confrontation. Just my advice.
  3. by   renerian
    I guess this will the lesson on learning how to do that every day as a nurse. You will work with people you don't get along with but they paramount issue is patient care. Focus on that and you will be fine.

  4. by   P_RN
    When I started the BSN program I had an instructor who despised me. There was nothing on earth that I could do right. I didn't like her too much either.

    Time passed, I dropped out had kids and 9 years later I returned to the same school. I had this one instructor who was wonderful and I almost worshiped she was so good. Toward graduation we were talking and I noticed her very striking lapel watch.....deja vu ...? I asked her if her name had always been Ann _____? Why no she said my name was that, but I have remarried and my husband didn't like what my first called me ("Sissy") so he uses my first name.......BIG OLD BELLS RANG........Yes she was.....

    9 years later my name had changed, I was more mature, her name had changed and she had grown as a professor.......Same song, different verse. It's been 30 years since graduation and I still hear from her.
  5. by   bluesky
    Well, listen to this story of caution. I had a real difference of opinion with my management instructor (nursing) about unions. Well she became very condescending and my grades plumeted from high A's to low C's with exactly the same writing skills in exactly the same essay formats. Months later, I wish I had kept my mouth shut and nodded with a smile... :stone