How do you deal with doctors

  1. The other day doctor came in screeming his head off about something minor. The nurse was afraied of him and didn't say anything to him. How would you guys react to this would you tell him that this is not normal behavior or what????:roll :roll :zzzzz
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  3. by   ceecel.dee
    "Do not speak to me that way! It isn't helpful to yell, and it surely is not professional!"
  4. by   JMP
    Doctors are just like OTHER people......and they should be told when they act in a rude or unjust way.

    That is how people learn ............ in a calm voice simply tell the doctor that this is not acceptable.......... I mean, being a doctor does not exempt you from having manners.

    Where I work we treat each other (yes, doctors, RN's, etc...) with manners and respect.

    The doctor in question needs to be told that it is not acceptable workplace behavior. No need to be confrontational about it. Just simply tell them. And then on to more important matters, like the patients.
  5. by   thisnurse
    i would just say...

    your fly is open
    and walk away
  6. by   hapeewendy
    I was just gonna come home, after cursing under my breath all day and rant and rave about this very topic!
    I shall save my furvor and pent up emotion for this reply

    I am so tired of doctors getting away with talkin to nurses like fecal matter (wont swear in this post , i wont i wont i said so many foul words under my breath today i feel i must repent repent repent)
    we have a dr, female, who looks so professional, and you almost get mistaken into thinking she is nice.....good thing she always opens her mouth to bitc....errrrr to complain about something ,thats solves any illusion of her being nice, or even civil.

    once she was covering on a weekend for another MD and came in saying "I wish f'ing so and so would see her own f'ing patients" or something to that effect
    right at the nursing station , plain as day for all to hear.
    shes notorious for screeching about getting stat reports, and we call, and we call and we drive all the departments mad with our annoying calls and still no reports - uh oh - guess who gets it?
    you guessed it we do!
    yippity skippity ! nothing like being sworn at and belitted into a pile of nothingness in a record
    4.5 seconds is there?
    since starting to work at the desk (they are trying to train me to function effectively as an incharge rn - joke in itself prolly right?)
    I have adopted a new attitude (ohhh ohhhh ohhhhh tough guy hapeewendy!)
    I'm never mean, I'm never rude, but I dont start quivering and getting nervous when they start on their tyranical rants anymore, I just let them finish and carry on, however a bunch of us spoke
    to our unit admin and she is supportive and understanding in the fact that they can act like heathens , but had no real answer to the problem
    its been as bad that some of our clinical advisors and practice councils have said "yeah well drs act that way sometimes"

    well when the heck did they get the right to "act that way"?
    I know I know youre far superior with your big MD letters behind your name, but really can you contain your ego enough so that this piddly little RN can get her work done without being spoken to like she is incompetent?

    a dr raised his voice to me on the phone asking me why i was paging him stat four times and i calmly responded that his patient wanted him to know that she was busy having an MI and if he answered the first stat call, three more could have been avoided
    no apology from him of course ,but he did come onto the floor with this tail between his legs that evening

    the approach I take now when i get negativity is to always say things like "hello dr so and so , your patient requests" or "the lab has called concerned with your patients INR result" etc
    this way it gets the dr to focus and not jump on you so quickly for calling

    its worked for me so far
    or you could impale them with a sharp object of sorts.....
    but I never resort to violence
    my words are my weapon

  7. by   CEN35
    ok how? four words....."don't even go there".....and walk away.....

  8. by   misti_z
    Once he/she pauses to take a breath I ask..."Are you finished? Because your patient needs/wants blah blah blah..."
  9. by   Q.
    Originally posted by thisnurse
    i would just say...

    your fly is open
    and walk away

    LOVE it!
  10. by   moonrose2u
    many moons ago, one physician at a facility where i worked, was arrogant, and i believe to this day, capable of causing great bodily harm to another.

    he would go on and on berating nurses who called him, and most would shake in their boots and felt they had to endure his ranting and raving.

    after one experience with me, he never ever did to me again. in the middle of his craziness, i told him "i am putting you on speakerphone" and i did so.

    each and every time i spoke with him, i put him on the speakerphone, but i made sure that he heard me do it....he never raised his voice to me again; i continued to do it any time i had to speak with him.

    the other nurses were too scared to do it...
  11. by   CATHYW
    I had pretty good success with, "If you will tell me just what it is that is upsetting you, I will do what I can to fix it." Or, "if you will tell me what you are looking for, or need, I will do my best to find/get it." These statements indicate that you acknowledge hearing them, but not their wacko statements. The "fix it" statement was used often when I was charge, and some other nurse had pi**ed them off. Most docs would come to me for help, because they knew I was reliable, and did not get shaken up. If I told them the result wasn't available, it wasn't, but they knew I would keep checking. However, there were a couple of docs that just rubbed me the wrong way, and vice versa. So, I usually got someone else to deal with them. If it was unavoidable, I was very polite-not leaving them room to be anything but-especially in front of a patient.
  12. by   Cindy/Canada
    I am not a heart does go out to all of you. I have witnessed MANY times a doctor rip a nurses head off. I have seen many nurses cry over this and it saddens me soooo much.

    I also have a sister that works in a dr.'s office. She is a great asset to them...very smart I must add. Anyrooo..she has often shared stories with me on how Dr.'s will rip heads off of all the girls in the office over things they have no control over. She, and the other girls will leave crying on many occassions in a given month. How sad is that!!!

    warm hugs...cin
  13. by   micro
    happeewendy.......well doc, if you would have answered on the first stat call.....they maybe.........go figure what we deal with on a daily basis.........

    hey doc your fly is open........xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx

    i am like this off the threads also.....have been known to go up to doc that is ranting and raving......and say are you having a bad day as i (putting my life on hold), place a hand on the doc's shoulder.........
    also have been known to say right back in face........."IF YOU ARE DONE.....need to talk to you about....."
    and of course there are just some that you let rant.......and ignore.........or let your poor charge nurse deal with...
    majority of docs where i am at.....are pretty dang good and human.........respect goes both ways.....usually.........that is cool.....
  14. by   huckfinn
    I round off my back so that none of their load can find a place to rest (figuratively). I smile and tell them "I hope you have a better day." bid them good morning, afternoon, evening (which ever is appropriate) and leave them standing in their own flames.

    Inappropriate behavior in an attempt to intimidate is only effective if there is a willing or unwilling recipient. If the message is not received it is just the same as if it were never delivered in the first place.