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Simply, do you enjoy being a nurse? Does it make you happy? Or do you regret it? Do you have any very specific regrets related to being a nurse?... Read More

  1. by   djh123
    Second career, 'only' have been doing it for 4 years. Bad day at work yesterday, had a lot of trouble going to sleep last night, am going to finally quit by the end of the month. Have a million things to do, will take a 'big break', and then - I have no idea what other kind of nursing job(s) I'll do before I retire. And yes, I've been around the block enough to know that no job is perfect, no company is perfect, etc. Even so, I think I can do better than where I've been. Or at least I hope so.
  2. by   marcos9999
    Quote from Ruby Vee
    I'm sorry that is your experience. However if you are bullied by everyone and never do anything right, I suspect that a good deal of your troubles could be located in your bathroom mirror. If get up in the morning and the first person you meet is a jerk, you've met a jerk. If everyone you meet is a jerk, you're the jerk.
    Not all days are bad. I've also met some amazing people in nursing. And no I'm not bullied all the time. I developed a tick skin. But somehow it is my impression of nursing in general. A high speed, unpredictable, and at time hostile environment. I did learn many good things in nursing and still learning. But it has not been all fun and games.
  3. by   Kitiger
    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    But I enjoyed interacting with patients and being a problem-solver, and I miss making a difference in people's lives.
    You're still making a difference here. I enjoy your posts, and gain from your viewpoint.
  4. by   ICU_UcMe
    I love being a nurse. I do feel overwhelmed sometimes though because I'm a new nurse, and I'm in critical care. I know it takes a bit to get your footing, but it can be a little disheartening when people treat you like you should've had it after only a few shifts.
  5. by   adoyo
    I have been a nurse for donkey years and liking it or disliking it depends on where I have worked at any given time.
    Generally I love the knowledge that I gained from the Nursing field as it has helped me personally, handling my own health needs, family health needs as well as the patients that I have had the opportunity to nurse! Thank God for all that🙏
    My ordeal comes when those nurse professional bullies come in an do it discretely after colluding with the bosses and go as far as stabbing you on the back in order to get you out of their way due to something which you might have performed better than themselves ! I came across such nurses several times and each time I felt like drafting my resignation letters but later on consoled myself that after all I remain happy and confident in my work as long as I remain professional. Prayers have also helped me as I use them whenever I feel hurt by somebody and I easily go over it and later on I either find the person transfered or simply left for whatever reasons!
    Nursing in general is lovely, no regrets, as long as nursing ethics are adhered to by all practising without eating each other.
  6. by   Jay bee
    Been an LPN for decades. This has been a survival job. Raised kids and kept a house, but unable to progress due to health issues (shift work exacerbated migraines, caused other health issues). Earning a four year degree was easy in comparison to the hurdles of going from LPN to RN - never did cross those hurdles. Still an LPN, still getting treated like an overpaid CNA, still can't leave as pay is just high enough to be above minimum wages. Hurdles to pursuing RN included scheduling for clinicals vs need to work availability (bills keep coming), the insane prerequisite to redo A & P courses after less than a decade of completion of college level work and continued practice. Still keep training new RN's who either lack spatial intelligence or truly cannot disconnect from tech long enough to be plugged into real life. After decades as an LPN, even with a life science BA, earning $2/hr more than 20 years ago. Still finding myself needing to 'dumb down' to meet current job expectations. People who have worked with me, including RN's, are dumbfounded that I am still working the LPN license. I can't even begin to imagine a retirement - yet my cohorts are able to choose that luxury either by proximity to partner or long term planning. I am now forced to either find a way to reinvent myself and create a new career after age 60 as (finally) the kids are grown & on their own, I left my ex after giving him most of our assets - but I am free. Poor, with a new mortgage, but free.

    So, do I like being a nurse?

    Yes, I love being a nurse. I like helping people. I like being proficient at planning their care and being able to improv when the plans fall off track - and still reach goals. I like the knowing of the differences between flesh and bone and spirit. I have been privileged to be in the presence of many intimate and powerful moments that only a nurse would have access to witness. It is in that world I remain strong and capable and useful and valued.

    On the other hand, when I leave that world to try on new job descriptions in the corporate world, I become like roadkill. I have never been able to explain to their satisfaction why I continue to work as an LPN even though I have all this experience and education. There is surely something I am not revealing, something dark and onerous, perhaps I am just a waste of time. Plus I am now old and time has not been kind. Nursing is a great career - but only if you are an RN with a plan.
  7. by   delitoy21
    It was the best thing I've ever do
  8. by   E-commerce
    Nursing was not my calling but it is one of the ways that allowed me to get to know myself a little better and that's all I can ask for.
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  9. by   traveler782
    For me nursing was a second career. I initially hated the business world working IT/accounting. I either needed to get my CPA or go into investment banking. I felt investment banking was scummy. I had a internal yearning to do something I felt worthwhile. A friend who was nurse told me I should do nursing. I started to take my prerequisites at night class after work. Then I got in nursing school and quit business job. I felt great. I worked as nurse extender in pediatrics and got floated around hospital as a tech/extender. Offered a job on ICU upon graduation. Loved training, supportive environment, appreciative families. Maybe it was honeymoon period but healthcare changed​ alot in the last 7-8 years. Business model approach to healthcare, patient expectations, customer service and general work environment turned into a factory feeling. I used to feel respected, appreciated and the hospital did nice things for us. But that's all changed in healthcare. Now I feel nursing is a high skilled factory job in hospital setting. Not to mention patients who are abusive. When staff complained about pay incentives, cutting CNAs and stuff as well as working short we were told by DON it's up to you to make yourself happy. Also told budget was not our concern and we needed to focus attitude. Then the hospital bought a small Hospital in nearby town for several millions two weeks later. Then begin staff meetings​ about how we could make patients happy...Not well but happy. It was surreal watching nursing go from respected profession to a profession of blame. Started travel nursing....Ahh no more BS and at least I could walk away from it in 13 weeks if there was some.

    Nursing has helped me grow as person, deal with life and death as well be privileged to help people in their hour of need. I have been the last thing many have seen as a ICU nurse before they died as well as been there to save them. I cherish the cases and people that use say they remember my voice while on the ventilator. One lady rupted her AAA, she died basically...Blood pressured bagged, pressors, emergent surgery, I came in worked as her nurse every night from there out due to family request. She used to come see me every year on the anniversary of that. Nursing gave me that plus many more memories. So I feel nursing has been great for me as a person but as a profession it's declining. Between nursing's own poltics, business world view of nurses as a labor cost and society​'s totally unrealistic expectations it is causing a professional decline. I don't regret it but I do second guess a good opportunity I had to get out of it a while back. It's been good, bad, ugly and enlightening but I don't want end up jaded and burnt out like the vast majority of my colleagues either.
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  10. by   Newgradnurse17
    I love being a nurse. Everything about it. The patients, life long learning, career progression, can travel world wide and work. Not one bad thing.... But this is in New Zealand. Everything I've ever heard from America sound awful. No desire to nurse there. Right from the day you guys start nursing you complain and you never stop. Don't know why you all go into nursing if you hate it. In NZ we work 4 shifts a week, 8 hours. We work as a team. We can get on and do our job and really get to know our patients and build positive relationships that is so rewarding. But we also have free healthcare, a hospital isn't a business. Every one is welcome, and is mostly appreciative. We don't have management in our face and patients scoring us. As long as we provide safe nursing care we are free to do our job as we please. We get breaks and finish on time. My pay doesn't even come into it. I would do it even if I got paid minimum wage.
  11. by   ArrowRN
    Do I have to drive to work again! Its the 3rd time this week! wait I still got a call out available! I can get 5 days off instead of 4. I love I can stay home and read posts about how people feel about nursing...yeah!!!
  12. by   NurseCard
    My turn I guess. There have been numerous times in my relatively short
    yet varied nursing career, when I wanted to hang it up. Not so long ago,
    I even had a real opportunity to walk away... find a different type of job...
    and never look back.

    Something drew me back. I couldn't completely give it up. I admit, the
    money is more than decent... but something inside me just could not
    see myself NEVER working as a nurse again.

    So here I am, FINALLY in a job that I love!!!! I'm here and I do
    not have ANY plans to leave. Love my job. After so many years,
    I truly feel like a good and competent nurse and I feel like my
    patients like and appreciate me. I feel like the workload is
    more than manageable. I like my coworkers... okay.

    Helps to have a good job, working for a good company.
  13. by   traveler782
    In the US nursing is good enough paying compared other available jobs to keep you in it support your family. At same time it's also become a powerless profession. Most states don't have unions or political power to protect nursing so hospital staff as short as possible to decrease labor cost and increase profit.

    I wonder if I could move to New Zealand and find me wife to settle down with...Sounds great there! I like outdoors and will have my pilot license soon. Put a good word in for me! Lol.

    Best states to work as nurse in USA is California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska due to state laws there that mandate ratios. The rest can be pretty miserable with high work loads and wages kept low comparatively to those other States. Love hearing from nurses outside USA. Thanks.
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