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i am just curious on how do we improve the images of nurses, i know some people see us as non skilled general laborers, doctors handmaids, as well as many other misconceptions i have noticed over the... Read More

  1. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    okay I hear ya teeituptom..................LOL
  2. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    Oh by the way jailRN I think I will use your last words and put it on a tee shirt.....I like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   HazeK
    First, let me confess to graduating nursing school in WHITES & CAPS a long time ago...

    Second, let me tell you I work in barff green surgical scrubs....

    Our staff are daily frustrated with looking just like the housekeepers, the doctors, the laundry crew, etc. In Labor & Delivery, we have to be able to rush back for emergency surgeries, hence the green scrubs. But they fit poorly, look unprofessional, and really encourage what I call a "pajama" attitude of slobbing around.

    I wish our administration would put the nursing staff in a different color/style of scrubs. Even whites, since supplied by the hospital.

    Another alternative: everyone purchase and wear the RN pins that ANA sells...I think their campaign was "Every Patient Deserves A Registered Nurse"

    Professional attire contributes to professional behaviors like appropriate, correct language, punctuality, etc. If we look at work on the floors like the day of our job interviews, boy would that be a shocker! For the better!
  4. by   Glad2behere
    I think the first thing we need to do is:
    a. Assess the situation...what is the problem?
    Lack of respect, lack of identity as a cohesive unit beneficial to
    society resulting in a lethargic response to our needs.
    Question: Are we even being heard?
    b. Plan an intervention. What do we do? Do we somehow elect
    a nursing body that will articulate our needs so that we can be
    heard? Do we start a lobby group? Do we all wear identical
    clothes? Do we all pay dues to this body? Do we adopt a code
    of professional ethics and behavior? Do we make this manda-
    tory at license renewal? I suggest we start something like
    The National Federation of Nurses.
    c. Implement this plan of action
    d Evaluate the results and REASSESS.

    It would be my luck there already is a National Federation of Nurses.....there isn't, is there?
  5. by   rachel h
    We need a new name. What do people think of when they hear the word 'nurse'? They think doctor's helper, someone who will fetch the bedpan and feed them dinner. The general public has no idea what nurses are actually accountable for. I think we need a more professional sounding title...

    Also, I think we need to stop being lumped together with HUCs and Nursing Assistants... don't get me wrong, I think everyone involved in healthcare is a vital team member, down to the dietary aides... but I did not work my butt off in school to be lumped in the same category with someone who only had to complete a 96 hr nursing assistant course... JMO
  6. by   AlexandraRN
    Nurses sometimes have the reputation of "eating their young" I think we should be more supportive of each other!!!!!!