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I work in a relatively small community hospital. We have 120 beds. We have been rated in the top 100 hospitals in the US for the past 7 years straight. I'm just wondering does the size of the... Read More

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    OMG! Angie, that story about calling the doctor in the middle of the night is too funny. Go ask your mother! ROFL!!!!! I almost choked on my water and scared my husband to death!
    I called a doctor in the middle of the night to get pain meds for a labor pt once and was told to give her a hamburger!!!!! HaHaHa!!!!

    Vickie :Melody:
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    Quote from nurturing_angel
    I called a doctor in the middle of the night to get pain meds for a labor pt once and was told to give her a hamburger!!!!! HaHaHa!!!!
    But go easy on the spices, right?
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    Quote from lapappey
    i work in a b.u.t.h. (big urban teaching hospital) :chuckle. most of the doctors are good guys. some of the surgeons can be obnoxious intra-op but tend to be really good with the family and with nurses on the floor. the choice few exist, of course, who give everyone a hard time, and they are known to all for that reason, but by and large they are good. i think the presence of students, interns, and residents helps, because docs need to have the social skills to teach and to deal with people who have different functions and/or levels of knowledge (which is not to say that baby docs are treated with kid gloves ...) there is, of course, the occasional resident who has an attitude, but we often succeed at knocking that right out of them.

    lol! i work in a buth, too! we get along great with the residents, although there's one almost every year who will tell you his first name is "doctor." (we usually get them over that real fast. the only time i call a resident "doctor" is when i'm supressing a natural desire to give them the kick in the *** they've just proven they richly deserve!:angryfire ) the fellows are great, too, and even most of the attendings. every now and again, however, there's a world-famous specialist of some kind with a real attitude. some of them i get along with, but one neuro-surgeon, years ago chased me down the hall trying to throw a (full) bedpan at me because i didn't know who he was. (and i thought i was being rather tactful, asking him how to spell his last name rather than asking who the frell he was!:chuckle )

    in almost every institution i've worked in, however, there's been a physician with an anger-management problem, in the one and only small, private hospital i worked in, there were four. i haven't run into anyone at my current job yet with an anger management problem, so perhaps there's hope . . .
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    I am absolutely terrified of some of the male doctors. It freaks me out the energy I get from them. A very strong dominant energy that drains my energy and has me practically cowering.
    But there are some doctors who are very kind and easy going, and I am not afraid to call them or ask them something.

    You're gonna have to get over that. They put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. The days of Dr.God are gone.

    I admit I used to be afraid of some of them in my younger years as a nurse. I'm not afraid of them now. I 've unfortunately had to stand up to a few. One made my cry afterwards but thankfully he didn't get to see that and administration stood behind me 100%. I still see him and we still ignore each other. What a ******* he is. I suppose that might be because he got repremanded ! I hurt his "big" cardiac ego !!
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