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I am just curious... I read all these posts from students talking about how the nurses treat the students so poorly during clinicals. And I have also read the posts about the great nurses who love... Read More

  1. by   Walter R. Hobbs

    I'm A Critical Care Nurse and have been for 18 years.

    I love to have students in the unit and have had great feedback from them and their instructors as to how much they have enjoyed it.

    It is especially nice when a student is anxious to learn and willing to work. There have been times when the unit is so busy that I just have to tell the student to shadow me and ask as many questions that they can think of.

    This can work out great for both of us. Pt. care is enhanced and alot of learning happens.

    I did have a very lazy student once that obviously did not want to be there. Within the first hour of the shift I asked the instructor to find me a another student that wanted to learn.

    The best thing that can happen is that we try to recruit the smart ones for our staff. We've got a new guy coming in this month that we had as a student over a year ago. I will be precepting him and I already know he'll be great.

    Walter Hobbs RN, BSN
    VA Medical Center Providence, RI
  2. by   fergus51
    I love having good students! If a student isn't so good I tell them right away in a nice way and they normally imporve. A lot of times they're just scared. I don't know why a nure wouldn't like a student. They take away a lot of tasks like dressings, IVs, etc. leaving me with a lot more time for my day.
  3. by   semstr
    As nures educator, I have to go on the wards with my students. i really like doing that and showing them nwe things, tricky things etc,

    BUT, boy do I love going to work on a ward just for myself!!
    Ain't that nice for a change!!!
    (Try to do that once a year for 2 weeks during summerbreak, doesn't always work, because paperwork is getting more and more in school!!)

    Take care, Renee
  4. by   Wannabevenus
    I've been a clinical instructor for an ADN program for about 3 years on prn staff at 2 hospitals. Our 2nd year students can do anything that the floor or unit RN's want to supervise them doing, which is a big help since my cloning experiments haven't worked yet and I still can't be 10 places at once. In the spring we do a medical/oncology floor at one of the hospitals I work and the patient variety is great, but the students found alot of negativity in the staff. I tried to moderate that and aim towards staff who didn't mind students, but that's not always possible. Even the unit secretary was a witchy-poo that I had words with more than once! Last spring was our first spring there, and we brought food the last day. Maybe that will smooth our way this year.
    The LTC facitlity that the first year students do in the fall is usually very appreciative of the students' help and treat them well, overall.
  5. by   Ortho_RN
    I just want to thank everyone that responded... It makes me feel a lil better knowing that most of the nurses don't mind the students... And I completely understand how people have bad days and are sometimes too busy... It just confuses me sometimes why a nurse would be rude to a student, when that nurse was at one time a "learning" student themselves..

    But thanks again for the responses... Im scared and excited all in the same waiting for January to get here and I start the RN program...

    I am just glad I got all those extra classes out of the way, so all I have to worry about are the nursing classes...

  6. by   Teshiee
    i love working w/students. i was one and i don't see any reason for treating them bad. i know there are some nurses who just dont like people over looking them with the fear a student may point out their bad habits some of us tend to have. i do tell them the real world of nursing. it just depends on the nurse you are stuck with i guess.
  7. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    I am a Nursing student and I have to say that the nurses I work with are wonderful and love having us around. We get to spend more time with the pt than they do and they truly appreciate us. The pts love us too. The nurses I've had are great, but other students have said there are some nurses that will wait to give a pt a bath (pt bath day is Tuesday) and they'll say "The students will be here Thursday, let them do it" so these nurses will neglect the pt untill the students come in. Some that other students have worked with think we are slaves. But from what I've experienced so far, they've been wonderful.
  8. by   Blt
    As a student who just graduated in December, I have for the most part, been treated very well by the RN's on our clinical units. I have experienced 2 RN's who did not like having students around. Which I do not understand since we do all their crap work! Anyway, one was always b**tching about the students (not me though, for some reason she liked me). In her eyes none of the students could do anything right. One day I got sick of hearing her berate my co-workers and I got right back in her face and said 'well, we all hope to be as perfect as you someday, but until then we will continue to make mistakes and learn from them.' From that day forward she mellowed considerably. My best advice is for you to not take being treated badly. Take it to your instructor if you feel you are not getting what you need out of your experiences. You only get one chance, learn all you can now, do not let a sour puss stand in your way if you do run up against one. Respectfully give it right back. If they think they can run you, they will continue to do so. On the other hand, if you find a nurse who loves to teach and believes, as I do, that there is no such thing as a stupid question, latch on to her and learn as much as you possibly can without getting in her way. 99% of the nurses I encountered were like that. We had one nurse who appeared to be a 'nurse Ratchet', but she was the best mentor you could ask for. SHe was strict, by the book and the best damned nurse around. Look for those type of mentors. And GOOD LUCK, you will be great!!! ~B~
  9. by   Rosie40
    I love working with students. I remember when I was a student, how intimidating everything was from your instructors to the nurses on the ward. I remeber when a staff nurse told me not to worry, that I did nothing wrong when I was giving a patient an injection and my instructor was being very cruel to me. I want to pass on my knowledge and compassion to the new nurses coming up. The only problem I have is when a student nurse says that she has so and so as a patient and that she will do total care for the patient, but if she does not have time she will delegate the tasks to the staff. If she has that patient, she should take care of that patient. We had a group of students this last semester who barely touched a patient, let alone bathe them and give them their meds or change a dressing. The instructor when questioned what the students are learning, the instructor said they were learning to become registered nurses. They weren' learning to be RN's, they were learning to sit and "delegate" the work that they need to do in order to assess their patient properly. These group of students wold just stand around in the hall and be doing nothing, if you asked them to help you you got looks like, do I really have to do that?
    In comparison we then had LPN students on the ward. They couldn't do enough. When they were done with their patient, they went and asked their fellow student if they needed help, they came to us and asked us if they could do anything for us. They really wanted to learn and were eager to do anything. I'm not souring on students, I love being a role model for them and teach them anything they want to learn. As long as they want to learn.
  10. by   magRN
    The majority of the time I do enjoy working with students, and I was a mentor for a very long time. I have been working in the NICU for 23 years already, and have to admit there are days I do just want to have my own little patient and that's it.

    That is selfish of me I know...but every dog has his day!
  11. by   Blt
    That is not selfish in the least!! We all need our space. I hope you know just how very grateful we students are for people like you. Actually, even though I'm recent grad (although termed a 'non-traditional student due to my over 40 age) I cannot wait to be a mentor for others. None of us would be here without great people like you to blaze the trail and set the example. A big THANK YOU to all nurses like you! ~B~