How busy is your unit this Christmas?

  1. I don't know about you, but our census has NOT dropped all week, including today. For every patient we dischaged another was admitted.

    The general medicine, surgery, and oncology floors all were half empty, only us and ICU were almost maxed out at capacity, with high acuities as well.

    Don't you know the bosses all left early well before noon on Friday only to return on WEDNESDAY, because the hospital made the day AFTER Christmas an "unofficial" holiday for them, but if regular staff try to take ETO, it is forbidden by hospital policy (none allowed the day before or the day after).

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  3. by   paccookie
    I work on a 32 bed post-op/ortho floor and we were down to 20 pts last night. We got two admits during the night. The other floors and ICUs were mostly full, but eveyone had a couple of beds. It was a nice night to work. I don't know what it's like tonight as I'm off. The ER was basically dead last night. I think they started off the night with quite a few pts, but very few were admitted. They had about four pts at 5 am this morning.
  4. by   hica19
    On Christmas Eve, we only had half our beds filled. Hower it was still very busy mostly because we had no CNA to help us.
  5. by   TazziRN
    ER was horribly out of control today. My feet hurt and we were all stressed out. Floor is about half full.
  6. by   anniesong
    The place felt empty around Thanksgiving, but it has certainly picked up in past weeks, though we aren't "closed" yet. Twins and triplets seem to be bursting out of our ears...
  7. by   MedSurgeMess
    Med/surg floors at our facility have stayed filled since before Thanksgiving-I've never seen it this busy at the holidays....we're starting to wonder where these people are coming from :spin:
  8. by   EmerNurse
    Our ER has been rocking! Sat night, had 19 FR and 5 AMR in a 6 hour period, along with a full full full WR. Would someone PLEASE tell me how an ingrown toenail is an emergency on Xmas Eve Day at 4am?

    Back tonite but at least not in triage!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. by   SCRN1
    Thursday night was my last night of the week and we had been having an average of two empty rooms on our floor each day/night. Still lots of discharges and admissions. But you know one thing I always notice this time of year? In addition to more homeless people being admitted, there's also a lot more psych patients with medical problems being admitted. Anybody notice that too?
  10. by   lowski
    in ob now and we are 1:1. pretty quiet so far!
  11. by   Victoriakem
    We started the day in the ED with a code, of course, a PE & by 3pm had 2 EP's. Triage has been very manageable & expect for our usuall assortment of psych patients, fairly uneventful. However, there are 2 more hours left on my shift.....
  12. by   debblynn13
    We were under half full. Ended up being nice for me, I got to stay home...yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  13. by   RNsane
    It was busy today on the BMT/heme/onc unit. Had a code at 1430, felt really bad for the family. The pt was still being stablized before I left and then going to CCU. Hopefully he makes it.
  14. by   km5v6r
    When I left at 2000 Christmas eve we had 12 out of 14 beds filled, 10 in isolation, 9 on the vent (we started with 10/12 on the vent) 2 with continous CRRT, 1 ICP monitor. and no one able to transfer to the floor. The other units were slower so they were able to send float help but we didn't have pt's the med/surg floats could take safely. It is difficult enough to float on the holiday let alone float to PICU. It is very difficult to convince an adult ICU nurse that the vented 13 yr old on CRRT is really one of the most stable pt's on the unit.