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  1. RNsane

    Change in workplace

    Hi, I’m writing a paper about change in the nursing work place. Can you help me out my describing policies, guidelines, processes, etc that you didn’t agree with but were expected to support and implement? thanks!
  2. RNsane

    What does this 0.8 FTE, and 0.6 FTE mean?

    A 0.8 fte is 4 8hr shifts per week, a 0.6 is 3 8hr shifts per week.
  3. RNsane

    Cancer Treatment & Pregnancy

    If the cancer is aggressive and the pregnancy is early stage, and the chemo must be given ASAP, the woman is often encouraged to have a theraputic abortion in order to save herself. I have seen women refuse to abort and take the chemo and end up mis...
  4. RNsane

    Any Calgary Nurses?

    Hi there! I have been in Calgary for 3 years. There are 8 and 12h shifts, depending on the unit. I am not familiar with the recovery room though.
  5. RNsane

    ATTN: RPN's need some advice

    Oops, thought you were talking about RPN=Registered Psych Nurse.
  6. RNsane

    ATTN: RPN's need some advice

    HI, I took the course from 96-98 at the Ponoka Campus via Grant McEwan Comm College. It was pretty intense as it was trimesters instead of semesters. It was a good program and it was easy to get a job after. You make as much money as an RN and ...
  7. RNsane

    PLEASE HELP!!! so embarassed about sweating!

    There is a product you can buy in Canada OTC called Drysol. I have used it in my pits and it totally eliminates sweating. You still have to wear deoderant though. Something worth checking into!
  8. RNsane

    any1 from fraserhealth?

    HI Bex I am interested in relocating to Vancouver area from Calgary. What hospital do you work at and in what city? THanx
  9. RNsane

    RPN diploma at Ponoka Site

    I took the program too, grad 1998. The program is through GMCC but the classes were (As far as I know they still are) held in Ponoka, on the hospital grounds.
  10. RNsane

    Solutions Staffing

    Has anyone ever done any contracts with this company? They do contracts in BC.
  11. RNsane

    VGH BMT unit

    Anyone have any experience on this unit? Is it a good place to work?