Hospital pays for education?

  1. Hey out there!

    Me again~ inquiring minds wanna know!

    Does the hospital really pay for your tutition into school?
    omg~that's so hard to believe! But it would be nice!

    If that's really true, what happens if your working for that hospital for (let's say) 5 or 10 years, and you decide that you want to leave to go to another hospital? What then? Would you have to repay the loan back to them?

    Is there anyone out there that had a hospital pay for their RN education? If so, what do you do? Go to HR and ask about it?

    I know I know....questions, questions, questions. I'm so sorry, but I'm just so interested in becoming a RN, I can taste and smell the patients. lol guys are wonderful as always! :kiss
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  3. by   JonRN
    A hospital paid for my education, books, tuition, plus a monthly stipend to live on (wasn't much, I had to work part-time ). I signed a contract that I would work for them for 2 years after graduation. After the 2 years I was free to do what I wanted, so since I had a better offer, I left, didn't feel guilty because I fulfilled the terms of my contract. I was already working there as an LPN when they made me the offer. This was in 1975, dunno if any hospitals still do this.

    This was during N.S. 1 (nursing shortage 1) I would check around, who knows? Maybe someone else on this board has some more recent experience. Good luck. I wouldn't want to taste too many patients though.

  4. by   live4today
    I'll go to work for a hospital that will pay all my tuition, books, stipend, etc. Where the heck are they? Who are they?
  5. by   cornhusker red!
    I am currently in a 1 year Advanced Nursing Curriculum program with Creighton University here in Nebraska. I attend via teleconference from my hometown, and the local hospital is paying for my tuition (all 25,000 of it) for the year in exchange for working for them for three years. After the three years, I am free to change jobs. If I leave before the three years are up, I will owe them a percentage of my tuition costs.
  6. by   Alie
    I am talking with a hospital locally (all of the hospitals in our area will) for every semester they pay for (up to $1500. a sem.) I in-return work for them 6 months. I start RN School in Jan.

    Yesterday I went to info. session that my school offers. They also told us about a Rural health Scholarship, as long as you work in rural area. Basically anywhere that is not in major city limits. Out of 9 hospitals in my area only 3 are in city limits.

    Hope this helps. Just call local hospitals and ask for the nurse recruiter.

    Oh, and if I don't like the hospital where I am working all I have to do is pay them back!!

    Doesn't sound too bad to me.
  7. by   live4today
    Hi Aimee!

    Welcome to allnurses!

    What is living in Nebraska like? I've never been there, and am looking into universities to attend......but would love to sign on with a hospital that would pay my tuition? Hubby and I will be looking for a place to settle in the near future as he wants to retire soon.......but with the WAR on the way......his retirement plans won't even be honored by the Army.....he has one of those critical MOSs. Anyway.....thanks for anything you can tell me about your homestate. :kiss
  8. by   Vsummer1
    Our school offers this in conjunction with the local hospital. The deal is they will pay you up to 2K per semester with a promissary note stating that after you graduate you will work for them for a period of 2 years.

    I have heard both good and bad about this. Obviously, should you not work for them the 2 years it is a loan to be repaid. And what if the job they give you is intolerable? I have heard they give you whatever they need, not whatever you need though whether this is true or not I do not know.

    I would check with the school you plan on attending, they will have the information. And if you can, speak with someone who did take this deal and is now working for the facility who financed them to find out whether the deal was worth it or not.
  9. by   NurseDianne
    The hospital I work for pays for my tutuion. It works like this. They pay tution only, no fees, no books......and they only pay at the end of the semester, after you turn in your grades. So the first semester is your responsiblity.
    The break down is like this:

    They will not pay for D or F. NOt that I blame them. I does help. My contract states that for every semester they pay for, I have to work 6 months. It really isn't a bad deal for me, I've already worked there for over 12 yrs, and it's a great way for me to work and get help w/ my RN. If I ever did decide to leave, I would have to repay what they paid.
  10. by   GailWHNP
    Where I work in Florida, if you attend the hospitals' school for nursing, they will cover your expenses when you contract for 2 yrs with them. If you quit before the 2 yrs, they prorate what you owe them.

    When I graduated with a BSN, I went to work with a health department as the hours were more accommodating to a single parent with two preschoolers. I contracted for 2 years and all my loans were paid off. Then, the health dept asked if I would consider going to Emory U to study as Ob-Gyn nurse practitioner. (Talk about a hard decision--not!) I was paid my full RN pay check, all expenses were covered including books, tuition, housing, travel pay, and even per-diem.

    Take advantage of "the nursing shortage" now while you can!
  11. by   alicia'smom
    my hospital is currently paying for my tuition for excelsior, we would starve to death if i had to do it on my own.i will pay my debt by working for them, then i will go where the money is.
  12. by   sjoe
    The VA has excellent education programs for its nursing employees. (Of course, it presently has a hiring freeze as well, but that will end at some point. It always does.) Ask your local VA Nurse Recruiter about them.
  13. by   daltaco1
    The hospital I work for is paying a percentage of my schooling, all my books, and uniforms. I owe 3,500. when finished to be paid back in two years of working there.(Deducted from my paycheck) It works for me because I can get my work schedule adjusted so that I have the time to attend the 12 hour a day 2 days a week classes and time to study.
  14. by   NannaNurse
    At my hospital, you apply for tuition reimbursment, take your courses....while working mind you, and after passing with a 'C' or better, you are reimbursed for the semester you just finished....the same routine for next semester. You basically pay for your first can use the reimbursment check for your next semester and then when your all finished you get one last check paying for the first.......did I get that straight??? Are you confused?????? I think I am.....and I work there :chuckle :chuckle