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Hey out there! Me again~ inquiring minds wanna know! Does the hospital really pay for your tutition into school? omg~that's so hard to believe! But it would be nice! If that's really true,... Read More

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    Where I live you can apply for a "scholarship"(they give you so much a semester for tuition and work for them for so long or pay back) hospital offers 1250 a semester and another 1000 a semester......I will be applying for one of them as soon as I get that acceptance letter(provided I get in)...have to do all the paperwork and everything first(applying for January) the hospitals and ask!
  2. by   memphispanda
    Here's how it works where I am going to school:

    You can get a loan that is basically a contract with the hospital and you, and when you get out of school, the loan is paid back $250/month for every month you are employed full-time at the hospital. They also reimburse for part-time employment but I don't remember how much. You would get this loan if you didn't qualify for other financial aid.

    You can get any other type of loan you want. When you go to work for the hospital, they will still pay back the loan $250/month for every month you are employed full-time at the hospital. They also reimburse for part-time employment but I don't remember how much.

    The main differences in the two are that you have a contract with the first one, you have to have a co-signer, and the first one is not need-based.

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    Well, at my school this year they offered something new in collaboration with one of the major hospital systems in my city. The hospital system in my city will pay 50% of the junior year tutition and 100% of senior year tutition. Tuition at my school is $15,000.00 (15k) a year because it is a private university. Now, if you do the deal for junior and senior year you have to give a 3 year work commitment. If you do the deal in your senior year then you give them a 2 year commitment. At first I was going to do it and then I changed my mind because I was not for sure I was willing to give this system a 2 year commitment because it was not the hospital I wanted to work for after graduation. Then once school started a few weeks ago I changed my mind and decided to do it. IT is only 2 years and who knows I may end up liking the hospital system. I really need the money too so that is also why I decided to do it.

    To learn more I would talk to the financial aid office at the nursing school they often know about the programs.
  7. by   Q.
    The clinic in which I worked paid for ONE class per year.

    The Medical College (my new job) pays for ALL my tuition. I think that is somewhat rare.
  8. by   NurseDianne
    originally posted by gailwhnp
    where i work in florida, if you attend the hospitals' school for nursing, they will cover your expenses when you contract for 2 yrs with them. if you quit before the 2 yrs, they prorate what you owe them.

    when i graduated with a bsn, i went to work with a health department as the hours were more accommodating to a single parent with two preschoolers. i contracted for 2 years and all my loans were paid off. then, the health dept asked if i would consider going to emory u to study as ob-gyn nurse practitioner. (talk about a hard decision--not!) i was paid my full rn pay check, all expenses were covered including books, tuition, housing, travel pay, and even per-diem.

    take advantage of "the nursing shortage" now while you can!
    i want to move to flordia!!! :chuckle where in flordia are we talking about? i'm only 45 miles about the state line!
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    I would love to have the hospital in my hometown pay for my school! I know that the hospital from my town will pay their employees to go to Nursing school. It is true! Hospitals are paying for their employees to go back to shcool and become nures. I am guessing that the shortage in Nurses has brought about this form of scholarship.
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    What program at Creighton did you complete.What was you nursing background?? Thanks Deb
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