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  1. by   MRed94
    What is the motivation for allowing porn in the house in the first place, and how do the wives of husbands who download it really feel about it?

    That is what I was wondering.
  2. by   Beach_RN
    While I realize that in this great country of ours... We Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty!

    The Fact that he had CHILD PORNOGRAPHY is in excusable....

    I don't care if it was in his own home, what he was doing is contributing to the exploitation of children, innocents. If it weren't for scum like him, there wouldn't be a business like this. It is SICK whether in the privacy of his own home or not
    Practice whatever lifestyle you desire, have any fetish, heck have your bathroom wallpapered in Porn.......

    Just don't let it involve children!

  3. by   sunnygirl272
    Originally posted by B_Matt
    Practice whatever lifestyle you desire, have any fetish, heck have your bathroom wallpapered in Porn.......

    Just don't let it involve children!

    beyond this quote from brenda, i am not going to comment on porn...child porn is heinous and wrong... will (now)refrain from further comments, as there is no comparison between child porn and regular porn..and to enter regular porninto this thread would detract from the heinousness of this man's ...."alleged" crime...

    i feel any debate on regular porn should be in a separate thread, in the off-topic forum...
  4. by   flowerchild
    Since we nurses are people it's reason to believe that there are a few bad ones amoungst us. Some of the previous posts point out that he has just been accussed and is not guilty b/c he has not been through the criminal justice system. I'm sensing an overall tone of protection here, I hope I'm wrong. There is no need to protect this creep just b/c he is a nurse. I worked with a guy for 2.5 years at our local pediatric hospital, side by side, even went to his house on the beach, took my son with me b/c he invited us for the day. Had a great time and he offered my hubby and me to take our then 7 year old son and watch him for us so we could go out and have a good time. It sounded like a great idea. He was great with kids, was an RN, very responsible, nice guy, had a girlfriend who had a son, etc. I thank God I never took him up on it. He was arrested after working at the hospital for several years. He was arrested, charged, and convicted of sexual charges against a minor under 16. Turned out he was making freinds with all the neighborhood kids then abused them. Of course he lost his job as soon as he was arrested, then his license, and then his freedom...for a very long time. The hospital had to have a media conference, covered itself as best it could to salvage their own reputation, and it was found that the abuse had no link to the hospital patients. I don't believe it b/c the girlfreinds kid was a patient at the hospital, it's where they meet, and she did break up with him, all she would say was he turned out to be weird. We should have known something was wrong, I look back and remember a few incidents that could be considered a little strange. He liked to take care of boys, and they gave him the assignments with the boys, ages 7 to 11. He liked to teach sex education and even brought in a book for my son, which happened to turn out to be a good book, about growing up and body changes. Still, it was wierd that he went out of his way to buy these books and give them to me for my son. I thought he was a freind and so I thought nothing of it at the time. Also since he was so good with the boys as patients we always let him have those assignments and just chalked it up to those boys got the best care from him b/c he seemed to develop a relationship with the boys that was never questioned and always appeared professional. The hospital of the guy in the original post will do everything possible to seperate itself and protect itself, so don't expect to hear of any links to patients and the creep. The hospital won't go looking for victims and will stand by their quote that there have been no complaints.

    My point is: you can not trust anyone with your children.
    And, There are bad people in nursing just like everywhere else.
    Also, you'd probably never suspect your coworker of something like this....but it does happen.


    I'd like to make a plea for us to boycot TV shows that have story lines that include abuse to children and show it in graphic way. I was watching CSI Miami a couple weeks ago and was utterly sickened by what they showed. I'll never watch that show again despite the fact that I enjoyed previous episodes. There is no need for these TV programs to be so sexually graphic with children.
  5. by   sunnygirl272
    ...i might share my story of a closet molester....
  6. by   Q.
    Originally posted by hoolahan
    Thank you night owl!

    Susy, I think they can tell if you downloaded stuff vs got it in spam.

    No, not really.

    First of all, to those posters who questioned the validity of porn in ANY household; first of all my husband and I are childless, and even if we weren't, he has every right to view porn, so long as he is responsible about it so our child doesn't "stumble" upon it.

    Linda, no they can't tell if you downloaded it or if it was "spam."

    Here's the scenario:

    My husband downloads most of his materials, be it porn, AVIs, whatever, from newsgroups. Newsgroups are what was the "internet" before Netscape and Explorer. My husband sets his server to automatically scan and download files off of newsgroups. Files are often misleadingly named; for example: there was a file called "blonde virgin girl" and what it was was two men having sex. Far cry from "blonde virgin girl." So, every couple of days my husband goes through everything he downloaded (passively) and checks to see what it is. Alot of garbage comes through, and so he gets rid of it. While he's downloading this stuff, he's also uploading, in that other users can upload his files. If in the meantime he downloaded "Blonde virgin girl", some other user could upload it as well from him. His server is ALWAYS on and he doesn't selectively download. He allows it to download off of certain newsgroups - constantly. The server is downloading as I type. My husband is in the garage changing my timing belt. If at this very moment, some police came in and confiscated our server, they very well might find that he "downloaded and distributed child porn." Is he a pedophile? I think not! Should he "fry" or whatever else some posters said? Absolutely not!

    So there IS a difference and until I have more info, I could see how this scenario could be intentionally misleading. So no, nightowl I have to disagree. It's not "regardless, he belongs in prison." Under no uncertain terms do I or my husband belong for prison for what I just described. This same scenario could have happened with THIS accused man. I need more info before I send him off to prison or take his job away.
  7. by   flowerchild
    Suzy K, I understand the newsgroups and how they work better now. Can't your hubby delete the files that look like children rather than upload them back onto the server through the newsgroup? The authorities that are working on this particular case are experts in their field. They know the difference between someone inadvertanly getting someithing off a newsgroup and someone who is doing FTP through thier own computer program and uploading files to a server or newsgroup on the internet. The reason your hubby gets the pics that he doesn't need or want is b/c of creeps like this one. I'd like to suggest that your hubby dump the newsgroup and pay for access to adult models only porn site, just for the conscious effort of avoiding coming in contact with this criminal activity. You also have to remember that the web is world wide and that our own gov't will never be able to control child porn on the internet....all we can do is to avoid the newsgroups and sites that have the sexual exploitation of children on them.
  8. by   hoolahan
    Susy, dahling, I luv ya, but disagree. First of all, look at his picture, he is mean-looking! Second of all, you don't find it strange that he worked in peds and had child pron on his puter? UPLOADED child porn dear. Which means he either had his own pictures to share, or was sharing some he downloaded w another source. It is CLEAR to me he was doing more than getting it as spam.

    That is why I told my son, if you want to look at boobie pics, ask dad for playboy, he is forbidden to EVER use my computer for this. It is just this kind of scummy crap spamming me that I hate. Far better to have hubby get some magazines, or a video, than contaminate your computer, and possibly your reputation if you believe this is true.

    {{{{{Flower child}}}} I understand how you feel, but I think shows like CSI Miami, when they highlight a difficult to watch story like this, actually do a service. I don't want you or any parent to feel comfortable when you watch this. I am glad it scred the shyt out of you and other parents. We need to constantly remember this could happen to anyone's child. My dtr has made good friends w a boy whose sister was sodomized and murdered. This kind of sick stuff is real, it is not made up for entertainment purposes. So if even one parent was moved to keep their kids closer to them in the mall, then I am glad CSI could make that happen. Just a different perspective.
  9. by   flowerchild
    I see what your saying hoolihan, but I don't need a TV show to educate me as a parent about something you and I already know. I was watching the show for entertainment. If they and others think this crap is entertaining then.......... Did you see the episode I am mentioning here? It was extremely graphic. They could get the point across that this kind of thing happens without the sexually graphic scenes of a little girl (5y/o) getting beat and raped then murdered by a crazed psycho. I for one don't need to see it to understand that this stuff happens. Thanks for the different perspective though.
    originally posted by susy k

    it appears some national group tracked his downloading/uploading habits.

    could very easily be done, i suppose.

    scary. that could happen to my husband. sorry, but having files of child porn on your computer is not indicative of pedophila, in my opinion.
    that being said...i would like to know how these people are monitoring this type of traffic on the internet...it's like "big brother's" watching you!!! maybe he had to have his computer worked on & the repair shop reported it being on the hard drive. the cookies are design to record everyplace that you go on the internet...despite erasing them...enough still stick around & you'll be suprised at what computer experts can retrieve.

    susy, you should be worried ...your husband would have a lot of explaining to do if something goes wrong with your system & you send it out for repairs. image, your husband could also work with children in some capacity, e.g., & because some internet sites stream stuff through...he would "look" guilty...eventhough he's innocent.

    it was my understanding that the internet was suppose to be non-censored for adults...parents absolutely have the right to censor it from their children...but i always thought that adults were free to go anywhere on the world wide web...guess i'm wrong about that too.

    before everyone gets carried away with sentencing this guy...why don't we just wait & see what evidence is presented & then pass judgement about whether or not he's a pig. like someone else said...it might not have been him...could've been a relative, roommate, or friend that's guilty. remember, folks are innocent until found guilty in the court of law here in the us...so give him the benefit of the doubt until it's been proven otherwise...this could happen to anyone of you or someone in your family...this guy could've even been a member here & we've read some of his post...just a thought - moe
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  12. by   hoolahan
    I hear you flower, but in this day and age it still amazes me how any parent could leave a beautiful toddler in a running car in front of the mini-mart! I mean, do they not ever watch the news or read a newspaper? There have been many a time when I have waited before I pulled out to be sure no one came near the car until the idiot parent came back to it. Maybe you and I don't need the message, but some morons certainly do.

    Susy, sorry, didn't see what you explained about newsgroups. If for no other reason, this sounds very risky, virus-wise. I still think if he had that many files still on his computer, it says a lot. I mean when your hubby gets the gay porn and kiddie porn, he deletes it, right? He doesn't file it and keep it on his computer, does he? Big difference!
  13. by   Q.
    Linda, it's not spam I was referring to. Spam is an entirely different thing.

    And in the scenario I just described to you, several users could have uploaded files from us, just as with this guy. All of our files on our computers are available to be uploaded by others. ALL of them. Just as with this guy. You'd be surprised how often this happens. Just the other night, one of our friends was saying how last night was a crappy night because he downloaded some kiddie porn and he thought he got something else.

    As far as paying for adult sites - no way. My husband refuses to pay for pron when it's out there free. In addition, the "best" files of anything are in newsgroups - not websites. Really. We've gotten movies before they are released in the theatres off of newsgroups. We saw Monsters, Inc in the comfort of our home the night it was released to theatres. Trust me. Websites and what-not have JUNK on them compared to newsgroups.

    My bigger concerns here are:

    1. This organization that monitored this guy's traffic. If that happened to us, and we were put in prison, etc, they would have a SEVERE lawsuit on their hands. To me, this is the bigger issue here, especially if this guy is innocent.

    Also Moe? Don't worry about us sending it for "repairs" and getting caught. We don't send our computers for repairs. Everything is home built and we do our own repairs.