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Taking a little poll here. I am work in I.D. and one of our co-workers was recently hospitalized. She said not ONE of the people who drew blood from her, etc. wore gloves. The guy who drew a blood... Read More

  1. by   joanna73
    Question: Do you wear gloves when doing Accu-checks on diabetics? Just curious...
  2. by   klone
    Drawing blood or starting an IV: every single time
  3. by   joanna73
    This reminds me...when I was a second year student, I had a rotation on an ortho unit. I remember the doctor coming in to talk to a patient who was c/o lost sensation in his groin area following surgery. The doc was palpating the area, including the pt penis without gloves. Doc did not wash his hands before or after. I wanted to throw up...
  4. by   Belle Epoque
    I do not wear gloves while dong Accu-checks, drawing blood or starting IVs, but definitely while palpating a penis.
  5. by   Altra
    Thread is nearly 10 years old ... probably time for the archives.
  6. by   CrunchRN
    Quote from Belle Epoque
    I do not wear gloves while dong Accu-checks, drawing blood or starting IVs, but definitely while palpating a penis.

    I wear them when I draw blood, but I do cut off the tip of the index finger so i can palpate the vein better......

    I am not exposed to penises at work, but I think I would double glove if I was!
  7. by   newbetonursing
    wow. I cant believe you do not wear gloves while drawing blood....seriously...if your a nurse I dont EVER want you coming near me. Its reasons why the nosocomial infection can occur because you transfer bacteria from patient to patient. Geez thats seriously digusting.
  8. by   Katie5
    Yes, yes and yes.
  9. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I know this is an old thread, realized it half way in. But have to admit, I am appalled by the post about gloving to pass meds to an HIV patient.

    I wear gloves for all blood and bodily fluid contact, I am a recent student though and it's all we were taught, so I have only learned IV and Blood draws with gloves on.
  10. by   Rocknurse
    I wear gloves for everything at all times....period. I even put on gloves before touching a clean sheet. Being in this job for a long time I know that things can get out of hand in the ICU quickly, and what you think is a quick sheet change soon turns into a nasty surprise and so as soon as I enter a room I put on gloves. Touching anything in a patient rooms creeps me out. I would never touch ANYTHING without gloves on. I probably go through an entire box a shift, but I've seen and know too many things. Handwashing is a given, and I do frequently, but there's no way I want any nasties on my hands. >shudder<
  11. by   mikeala21
    I try to wear gloves whenever I start an IV or anything else related to body fluids (NG, Foley, changing someone). I generally do not wear them to assess my patient unless they are stinky/dirty person.