Home Remedy for gallstones

  1. I was recently diagnosed with a gb full of stones. Surgeon recommends cholocystectomy chiropractor swears by the following home remedy:

    -juice from 6 lemons
    -3 Tbl (heaping) Epsom Salts
    -3 tsp (level) cream of tartar
    -1 quart H20

    Drink 3 oz. of concoction every pm (for approximately 11 days)

    chiro said that most people don't even finish the quart - and magic - no more stones (says works for kidney stones too).

    Anybody ever heard of this tx or is it just hopeful thinking????
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  3. by   babynurselsa
    I have seen a similar concoction on another website. Do I believe in quack remedies from somebody who has no medical training outside of popping backs......ummm nope.
    If you are feeling very very brave and have a very tough gag reflex and no taste buds give it a try.

    We really cannot offer medical advice here. THe best advice is to discuss your comcerns and any potential treatment with a medical doctor.
  4. by   kellyjean
    You don't have anything to lose by trying it...except for the stones. I'ts only 11 days, and the ingredients are all natural. Follow up with your doctor...only he can advise if you still have them. Coral calcium (you can get it at Sams or most local drug stores) and vit D3 supplements are great for future prevention of Gall/kidney stones. Lemons are a great cleanser for your body...I incude them daily into my diet. You can do a google on this and find out for yourself. Good Luck!
  5. by   sirI
    The members of allnurses.com cannot give any medical advice and this includes endorsing that you use this remedy.

    Only your healthcare provider can advise you.

    Good luck.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    The problem with remedies like this, is people think they take the place of solid medical care from a qualified provider. In some cases, such things can cause more harm than good. I would never recommend people take on gallstones or gall bladder disease on their own. The consequences can be very, very grievous!!!

    Having just been through two years of suffering due to my gallbladder, I can say with personal experience, these things don't generally work themselves out----if you ignore them too long, the problems can become huge and costly both to health and your wallet.

    Please, like Siri said, see a doctor/health care provider if you suspect you have gallstones or gall bladder disease. Also, know, that not all gall bladder sx are due to stones, but can be the sequelae associated with anatomic problems, which no home remedy whatsoever will cure.

    Nothing replaces seeking qualified medical advice from your own doctor---and a second opinion, even better.
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