Home based employment?

  1. Hi all! Wasn't sure where to post this... Seeking home-based employment without critical care experience. I have an ADN and BSN, 2.5 years employment as a RN in MD on a telemetry floor, and would love to work from home. I've searched online, but wanted to see what y'all thought about this. TYIA!
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    Search the insurance industry. I ended up working from home for 6 figures.
  4. by   CelticGoddess
    Quote from Been there,done that
    Search the insurance industry. I ended up working from home for 6 figures.
    where did you search for those jobs?
  5. by   caliotter3
    I have seen jobs posted for the large insurance companies on the indeed employment site, but I don't recall seeing anything in the listing that listed it as a work from home position.
  6. by   Stanth
    For what company (if you don't mind me asking; I can PM you) and what type of experience do you need?
  7. by   caliotter3
    All that I remember about the postings is that one needed to be an RN. Company is Anthem Blue Cross IIRC. There is a big Anthem office near where I live. The postings are not there all the time but they do show up periodically. Perhaps you can find something by going on the company website.
  8. by   caliotter3
    I take that back. Just did an internet search and there is a new posting on indeed for LPN/LVN for nurse appeals associate. There are also listings for nurse practitioner (home health) out of Whittier and RN utilization manager in Thousand Oaks. Check this out. Probably more openings too.
  9. by   Julius Seizure
    Keep an eye out on job boards and company websites for the insurance company nurse job fairs. You can get hired on the spot. You might have to work on site for six months or so to train and prove your work ethic before they have you do work-at-home.
  10. by   Nurse Beth
    Great advice and check out 8 Work From home Jobs