Highest paid nursing field?

  1. Hi, I am still a student and was wondering what the highest paid nursing area is. Like my friend says that Dialysis is one of the highest. Anyone have an idea. I'm just lost on what area to start at. Thanks.
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  3. by   preciousbaby621
    Nurse Anesthetist make around $134,000.
  4. by   Wren
    Are you a nursing student? I'd focus more on what you LIKE doing rather than what will pay you the most.

    Also, are you talking about as an RN, LPN/LVN? Master's prepared, nurse practitioner, etc? It makes a big difference.

    I work in research and that is well paid, nurse managers and administrators can do very well too, depending on the setting. I'd wager though nurse anesthetists probably make the near the top but require a lot of education and training. My daughter is a new nurse practitioner and she and several of her colleagues have received offers in the neighborhood of $80,000 a year for a new grad. Nurses who work in the OR, ICU and other highly skilled specialties can also make a good salary. Much depends though on the state you work in and the type of institution.

    All the money in the world though won't make a bad job good!
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  6. by   NoeIssa
    Im just wondering for the new grad rn. Or an RN with some experience but not NP or NA.
  7. by   candijunkie
    Is money all that matters? I agree with wren that you should do what you like. I doubt you'll starve being a nurse of any kind.
  8. by   NoeIssa
    Quote from candijunkie
    Is money all that matters? I agree with wren that you should do what you like. I doubt you'll starve being a nurse of any kind.
    No money is not all that matters but when you are a single mom, yes sometimes it does. So anyways Im just trying to get advice on where to start when I do not have any specific preferences, just want to get nursing experience.
  9. by   candijunkie
    I didn't mean to come off harsh, you just seemed to have a one track mind. I wish you the best.
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    to be honest the real learning comes once you have qualified, How far into your training are you and is there any areas that you have curently seen that is of interest to you? I have seen a lot of nurses move around specialities until they find the one area that they like. Just because the pay is good does not mean you will like it

    Good luck
  11. by   angel337
    crna start at about 115-120k in illinois.
  12. by   RNperdiem
    New grads take what they can get. Generally hospitals pay the most-much more than clinics or offices. New grads cost the employer money to orient, and it takes many months before a new nurse is able to pull her own weight. For the experienced nurses who love/need money, a second per diem or agency job is popular.
  13. by   NeosynephRN
    I have found as a new grad...it does not matter what specality you do...you will get paid the same as any other new grad...at least around here. I am starting in the ICU...at the same rate as my classmates starting in med/surg...and it should be...I know the same amount as them...I will need more money sunk into me to train...
  14. by   katyRN111
    do what u feel like doing and money follows you wether anaesthesia icu or OR