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I am soooooooooo unable to sleep on my days off, and it's driving me bananas! I sure could use an Ambien right now. It is nooooooo fun waking up between 0230 and 0400 every frikkin morning I'm off!... Read More

  1. by   zambezi
    I too have a hard time sleeping on my "normal" nights, waking up at 2, 3, and 4 in the morning. If I really can't sleep I get up and watch a movie. The trick for me is to make 100% sure that I sleep that first night off again. If I don't I am messed up for the rest of the week. My first night sleeping nights, I sleep when I get home from work at 800am or so. I sleep until 200 or so. I wake up, do whatever I have to do, try to workout sometime, take a benadryl around 900/1000 at night and usually sleep through the night. I also take a benadryl my second night off. After that, I am usually back on schedule and don't need the benadryl (tylenol pm is what I use). I also use a fan. It took a while for me to figure this out but it seems to work for me. Good luck...
  2. by   plumrn
    A nice cool bath an hour or so before bedtime. Dust on some lavender and chamomile (sp?) baby powder, and some lavender lotion. A couple of benadryl when I think I might need it. A good book. A fan -year round; doesn't have to blow on me, just against the wall to stir up the air a little. ... all things that help me fall asleep easily.
  3. by   debralynn
    Heres an idea! As you are lying there, start dreaming(fantasy) that you are on a ship....a pirates ship....who just happens to be the best looking thing you have ever seen. He really has a good heart, its just he is looking for love. Then he kidnappes you, and you are attracted to him......
    and then you can finish the rest of your fantasy, and before you know it....you are asleep!:chuckle
  4. by   live4today
    Uhhhh...debralynn......Whew!.......a dream like that would cause me to use plumrn's suggestion of a "cool bath" before I could get to sleep. :chuckle The wine, the fan, the HOT bath, no dreamy dreams about good lookin' hunks, a benadryl and tylenol, and a dark room should suffice. I also have a little machine that plays ocean sounds, cricket sounds, etc. Whatever it takes, I try. Hubby is overseas right now.........so I do my darndest NOT to dream dreamy dreams.....if ya'll know what I mean.
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Any chance you can get an upstairs apartment, Renee? I lived in a downstairs once with noisy squeaky floors above me too..sounded like the cavalry was coming through whenever I tried to sleep. We got out of it as fast as we could.

    Even my noisemaker could not drown the noise from above out. Agree all the above suggestions help...also maybe some of those soft pillow earplugs? I also must take Benadryl sometimes...if a warm bath doesn't relax me...'specially after a stressful night, lots of codes and frustrations, etc.
  6. by   Huq
    The ceiling fan works for me.
    The sound is just enough to make me close my eyes and imagine that I am at the coast listening to the waves coming in and out.
  7. by   Huq
    OK I asked for it!!!!!

    How many of you truly funny people are going to say "I am seasick already?"
  8. by   live4today
    Hug.......I'll bite! You're seasick already. (feel better now?) :chuckle :kiss
  9. by   live4today
    mattsmom....When my current lease is up, I'm moving anyway and if I rent another apartment, it WILL be upstairs for sure.

    I moved here in the dead of Winter, so had to hurry and find something to move into before my new job started. Just so happens the only apartment available that was affordable enough for me was a downstairs one.

    These are all wonderful tips nurses! Thanks a bunch! If these suggestions don't help me sleep, NOTHING will! Well........winning the Big Lottery would help me sleep because then I could afford to quit work, move into a nice oceanside home, and sleep to the REAL WAVES in my ears instead of my little ocean machine waves.
  10. by   Huq

    Thanks. I needed that. Much better now.
  11. by   wif411
    I have just started 11p-7a and I love it. But am off every sat/sun---and have hard time being on a normal sleep schedule----like I am up now.
    Usually--I hate to say it but a little "Whoopie" with the dh helps. (But not tonight) I tried the good book, the fan, and the dog as company. None the less I am up now at 3:53 am.
    Any suggestions.

    P.S. I sleep great during the week in the daytime. The fan and an empty house-------God I can't wait til school starts back---works great.
    There should be a sleepy smiley-------
  12. by   justjenn
    One reason we all can't sleep is too much data in our heads.
    Anyone read Harry Potter Book 3 or 5? What we all need is a PENSIVE. :chuckle For those that did not, a pensive is like a shallow bowl that you store your thoughts in to get out of your head. Just place your wand, just about the (Pinna - just finished A&P & trying to apply it) and extract the thought & place it in the pensive. It then swirls around and is there for you to go back to. My wand is faulty & doesn't seem to work very well - dragon whisker. Just a thought

  13. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Originally posted by cheerfuldoer
    Hmmmmm.......a LARGE sherry/port! Now THAT sounds appetizing! Think I'll pick up a bottle today.......just for the night cap mind you. Thanks Gwenith! :kiss
    Better yet........Get a Cabana Boy to fan you and massage you and freshen your sherry/port........toss in the soothing music and life would be fandabulous. And if you take Tweety's advice on reading the nursing journal....make sure it's a really a data filled article something from a Nursing Research Journal.....the numbers are enough to make anyone sleepy!